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13 customer experience conferences to attend in 2024

A good way to stay on top of customer experience advancements and trends is to attend industry conferences.

Attending industry conferences is one of the best ways for businesses to stay current on CX trends and technology.

Customers today expect outstanding digital experiences as they shop from home and pick up orders curbside. Consumers also expect businesses to keep their personal information safe from threat actors.

Salesforce's Dreamforce conference is one of the biggest CX events of the year. This year, it is scheduled for Sept. 17 to 19 in San Francisco. While you cannot yet register for the event, you can sign up here for a registration alert.

Here are some other top customer experience conferences to attend in 2024.

1. MarTech

When: March 19-20

Where: Virtual event

Cost: Free

Where to register:

There will be keynotes, live demonstrations and other panels. Topics include generative AI, customer data platforms, and using data-driven insights to drive marketing campaigns.

Speakers include the following:

  • Brett Bothe -- senior product marketing manager, Salesforce.
  • Sneh Kakileti -- vice president of product management, ZoomInfo.
  • Mike Kaput -- chief content officer, Marketing AI Institute.
  • Lourenco Mello -- product marketing lead, Snowflake.
  • Talisha Padgett -- general manager, martech platforms and AI, Microsoft.

2. Adobe Summit

When: March 26-28

Where: Las Vegas and virtual

Cost: $0-$2,095

Where to register:

There will be 12 different tracks from which to choose, including the following:

  • Analytics.
  • B2B marketing.
  • Commerce.
  • Content management.
  • Content supply chain.
  • Customer data management and acquisition.
  • Customer journey management.
  • Developers.
  • Generative AI.
  • Personalized insights and engagement.
  • Planning and workflow.
  • Trends and inspiration.

Featured speakers include the following:

  • Lidia Fonseca -- chief digital and technology officer, Pfizer.
  • Cleve Gibbon -- senior vice president of AI and creative technology, Omnicom.
  • Ann Handley -- Wall Street Journal bestselling author.
  • Lisa Melton -- chief marketing officer, AAA Northeast.
  • Shaquille O'Neal -- NBA superstar.

3. Qualtrics X4 Summit

When: May 1-3

Where: Salt Lake City

Cost: $1,399-$2,098

Where to register:

This event will include keynotes and other panels. There will be seven different topic tracks, including the following:

  • Customer experience.
  • Employee experience.
  • Strategy and research.
  • Education.
  • Healthcare.
  • Government.
  • Financial services.

Keynote speakers include the following:

  • Ed Bastian -- CEO, Delta.
  • Mira Murati -- chief technology officer, OpenAI.
  • Chris Nassetta -- president and CEO, Hilton Worldwide.
  • Michelle Obama -- former first lady.
  • Steve Squeri -- chairman and CEO, American Express.
  • Lindsey Vonn -- Olympic gold medalist.
  • Dwyane Wade -- NBA Hall of Famer.

4. Customer Service & Experience West 2024

When: May 13-14

Where: San Diego

Cost: $2,199-$2,999

Where to register:

This event will include keynotes and other panels. There will be four different topic tracks:

  • Harnessing data-driven insights.
  • Augmented agents and AI-driven technologies.
  • Demonstrating ROI and attributing value.
  • Strategy, culture and transformation.

Speakers include the following:

  • Chris Callister -- senior director of customer experience, eBay.
  • Shelly Griessel -- managing director for customer support, JetBlue.
  • Brian Higgins -- chief customer experience officer, Verizon.
  • Sean Lee -- chief of customer experience, Coca-Cola.
  • Alice Pope -- vice president, global device, digital and Alexa support, Amazon.
  • Katie Webb -- vice president of transformation and innovation, Aflac.

5. Salesforce Connections

When: May 22-23

Where: Chicago

Cost: $999-$1,299

Where to register:

There will be more than 270 sessions and keynotes. Topics include AI, automation, business as a platform for change, data and productivity.

Speakers include the following:

  • Matthew Blonder -- chief digital officer at Canada Goose.
  • Andy Chang -- chief marketing officer at UChicago Medicine.
  • Lisa Harkness -- partner at McKinsey & Company.
  • Sabrina Heise -- vice president of consumer engagement at NBC Sports.
  • Ariel Kelman -- president and chief marketing officer at Salesforce.
  • Angela Rueda -- head of business marketing technology at Meta Platforms.
  • Julio Cesar Santos De Castro -- CIO at Algar Telecom.
  • Trovon Williams -- senior vice president at NAACP.

6. Gartner Marketing Symposium/Xpo 2024

When: June 3-5

Where: Denver

Cost: $4,050-$4,825

Where to register:

This event will include keynotes and other panels. There will be six different topic tracks:

  • Lead and collaborate to drive growth.
  • Defend and deliver on an adaptive marketing strategy.
  • Embrace customer experience to drive engagement and loyalty.
  • Lead multichannel marketing for resilient growth.
  • Accelerate growth through integrated buying experiences.
  • Evolve brand management to drive business value.

Keynote speakers include the following:

  • Carla Harris -- senior client adviser, Morgan Stanley.
  • Kristina LaRocca-Cerrone -- senior directory, advisory, Gartner.
  • Matt Moorut -- director analyst, Gartner.
  • Alton Fitzgerald White -- actor and performer.

7. Customer Contact Week

When: June 3-6

Where: Las Vegas

Cost: $1,499-$5,499

Where to register:

This conference revolves around contact centers, with content presented by executives and business leaders in customer contact and customer experience roles.

Speakers include the following:

  • Angie Bastian -- founder, BoomChickaPop.
  • Radhika Dirks -- CEO and co-founder, XLabs and Ribo.
  • David Glickman -- CEO, Mint Mobile.
  • Rebecca Jarvis -- chief business, technology and economics correspondent, ABC News.
  • Martha Stewart -- founder, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia.

8. PegaWorld iNspire

When: June 9-11

Where: Las Vegas

Cost: $995-$1,795

Where to register:

This event will include keynote addresses, case studies and other panels. Topics include operational excellence, workflow automation, digital transformation, personalized customer experiences, AI and decisioning, customer engagement, customer service, low-code development and marketing.

Speakers include the following:

  • Kerim Akgonul -- chief product officer at Pega.
  • Jess Cuthbertson -- executive, customer decisioning and data science at National Australia Bank.
  • Katrina Flus -- supervisory program and management analyst at the Department of Veterans Affairs.
  • Jeff Frantz -- vice president of data and AI at T-Mobile.
  • Don Schuerman -- chief technology officer at Pega.
  • Alan Trefler -- founder and CEO at Pega.

9. CX North America

When: June 17-20

Where: Nashville and virtual event

Cost: $2,795-$4,095

Where to register:

This conference, sponsored by Forrester Research, is geared toward customer experience, marketing and digital leaders. This event will include keynotes, breakouts, case studies and other panels.

Speakers include the following:

  • Brita Andercheck -- chief data officer and director of the Office of Data Analytics and Business Intelligence, city of Dallas.
  • Matthew Blasco -- managing director and head of customer analytics, JPMorgan Chase & Co.
  • Dipanjan Chatterjee -- vice president and principal analyst, Forrester.
  • Audrey Chee-Read -- principal analyst, Forrester.
  • Sharyn Leaver -- chief research officer at Forrester.
  • Abhii Parakh -- vice president, head of enterprise experience, Prudential Financial.

10. Customer Experience for Financial Services

When: July 15-16

Where: Boston

Cost: $2,249-$3,599

Where to register:

There will be three topic tracks each day. Day one includes the following:

  • UX and experience design.
  • Employee experience and culture.
  • Workshops and think tanks.

Day two topic tracks include the following:

  • Big banking and wealth management CX strategies.
  • Credit unions and community banks.
  • Insurance and fintech.

Featured speakers include:

  • Todd Keith -- executive vice president, head of UX, Regions Bank.
  • Alex Misiaszek -- senior vice president, experience design director II, NLU and emerging experiences, Truist.
  • Mitch Rose -- executive director of digital strategy and content, JPMorgan.
  • Sri Sankar -- vice president of customer experience strategy and engagement, Nationwide.
  • Kelly Wagner-Grull -- director of member experience, innovation and digital services, Credit Union of Colorado.

11. Inbound 2024

When: Sept. 18-20

Where: Boston

Cost: $899-$1,899

Where to register:

There will be a variety of keynotes, breakouts, demonstrations and networking opportunities. Topics will cover the latest trends in marketing, sales and AI.

Speakers include the following:

  • Kat Cole -- president and chief operating officer at AG1.
  • Josh D’Amaro -- chairman at Disney Experiences.
  • Michelle Peluso -- executive vice president and chief customer and experience officer at CVS Health.
  • Yamini Rangan -- CEO at HubSpot.
  • Ryan Reynolds -- actor, producer and entrepreneur.
  • Kara Swisher -- podcast host and author.
  • Dane Vahey -- head of strategic marketing at OpenAI.
  • Serena Williams -- former American tennis player and founder of Serena Ventures.
  • Matthew Wolfe -- host of The Next Wave podcast.

12. Microsoft Ignite

When: Nov. 18-22

Where: Chicago and virtual

Where to register:

Pricing, speakers and agenda have not yet been announced.

Sarah Amsler is a senior managing editor for the Learning Content team at TechTarget.

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