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10 customer experience conferences to attend in 2022

A good way to stay on top of customer experience advancements and trends is to attend industry conferences.

The pandemic has changed customer expectations and customer experience. Attending industry conferences is one of the best ways for businesses to stay current on CX trends and technology.

Customers today expect outstanding digital experiences as they shop from home and pick up orders curbside. Consumers also expect businesses to keep their personal information safe from threat actors.

Salesforce's Dreamforce conference is one of the biggest CX events of the year. This year, it is scheduled for Sept. 20 to 22 in San Francisco. While you cannot yet register for the event, you can sign up here for a registration alert.

Here are some other top customer experience conferences to attend in 2022.

1. PegaWorld iNspire

When: May 24-25

Where: virtual event

Cost: free

Where to register:

This event will include keynote addresses and other panels, with topics covering customer service, personalized customer experience, intelligent automation and digital transformation.

Keynote speakers:

  • Marty Hicks, vice president of consumer strategy and planning at T-Mobile
  • Sonia van der Linden-Pugal, global innovation lead at
  • Juan Gómez-Reino, chief technology officer at Lloyds Banking Group
  • Alan Trefler, founder and CEO of Pega
  • Kerim Akgonul, chief product officer at Pega

2. Salesforce Connections

When: June 8-9

Where: Chicago

Cost: $999

Where to register:

Learn about trends and skill up through various panels, hands-on training and roundtable discussions. This is also an opportunity to network with peers face to face. This conference is geared toward marketers, commerce pros and digital leaders.

3. CX Network Live: CX Personalization 2022

When: May 17

Where: virtual event

Cost: free

Where to register:

This conference will focus on using AI to analyze data, marketing automation, channel integration, personalization, real-time updates, self-service and predictive customer care.

Featured speaker:

  • Devin Poole, senior director of CX strategy at Dixa

4. Gartner Marketing Symposium/Xpo 2022

When: May 23-25

Where: virtual event

Cost: $1,375-$1,575

Where to register:

There are seven different tracks, each offering a different area of focus, including leadership and strategy; marketing data, analytics and measurement; customer experience; multichannel strategy and multichannel marketing; commercial strategy and enablement; navigating the martech landscape; and internal and external communications.

Keynote speakers:

  • Luvvie Ajayi Jones, author and podcast host
  • Sarah Robb O'Hagan, CEO of EXOS
  • Kristina LaRocca-Cerrone, senior director at Gartner
  • Michael McCune, senior director at Gartner
  • Dean Vitté, director at Gartner

5. CX North America

When: June 7-9

Where: Nashville, Tenn., and virtual event

Cost: $2,000-$2,950

Where to register:

This conference, sponsored by Forrester, is geared toward CX, marketing and digital leaders. Key topics include employee experience, customer service, digital commerce, application and experience design, metaverse and customer loyalty.

Speakers include:

  • Ian Trombetta, senior vice president of social, influencers and content marketing for the NFL
  • Stacy Brooks, associate director of EDI digital strategy at Humana
  • Jeff Lojko, senior vice president of CX transformation at Bank of America
  • Peter ter Weeme, chief officer of social purpose and vice president of player experience at British Columbia Lottery Corp.
  • Melissa Parrish, vice president and group director at Forrester

6. Customer Contact Week

When: June 20 to 23

Where: Las Vegas

Cost: $1,499 to $3,099

Where to register:

This conference revolves around contact centers, with industry-specific think tanks led by experts and an expo hall to network and meet different vendors. Tyra Banks, Jason Alexander and Rebecca Jarvis of ABC News are the main stage headliners.

Other speakers include:

  • Monica Rothgery, chief operating officer at KFC
  • Jeff Allison, head of customer experience at The Black Tux
  • Chris Basile, vice president of sales and contact center operations at
  • Philip Bennett, customer service operations manager at Empire Today
  • Paul Husar, call center manager at LG Electronics

7. Next Generation Customer Experience

When: July 19-20

Where: Boston

Cost: $2,499-$3,399

Where to register:

There will be keynote addresses, roundtable discussions and the opportunity to network with peers. Panel topics include diversity and inclusion, the future of customer service, prioritizing employee experience and digital experience.

Speakers include:

  • Jason Dupuis, chief experience officer at PM Pediatrics
  • Michael Bair, senior vice president of customer experience at FIGS Inc.
  • Jill Fruchter, vice president of insights and experience at Blue Apron
  • Amy Shore, chief customer officer at Nationwide
  • Janice Rohn, head of customer research and experience at Intel

8. Martech

When: Sept. 28-29

Where: virtual event

Cost: TBD

Where to register: Martech website

This vendor-agnostic event is aimed at senior marketing professionals. There will be expert-led sessions with tips and advice on marketing technology and digital experiences. Registration is not yet open, so keep checking the Martech website for updates.

9. Customer Service Revolution

When: Nov. 8-9

Where: Cleveland, Ohio

Cost: $1,200-$2,500

Where to register:

At this conference, you will learn about CX best practices, learn about tools and services to create successful customer experience strategies, and hear experts speak about the industry.

Speakers include:

  • Cassandra Worthy, CEO of Change Enthusiasm
  • John Ruhlin, co-founder of Giftology Group
  • Joel Sylvester, chief client officer at Five Star Call Centers
  • Jared Green, founder and CEO at Engage 365
  • Ryan Magnon, senior principal operations lead at Chick-fil-A

10. Inbound 2022

When: Sept. 6-9 in person, Sept. 7-9 online

Where: Boston, and virtual event

Cost: $0-$799

Where to register:

This conference, hosted by HubSpot, brings together professionals across the customer experience spectrum -- including marketing, sales, digital experiences and customer service. This event will provide training and expert advice sessions, networking opportunities and breakout sessions. Keep checking the website for a list of speakers and the agenda.

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