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12 best IoT conferences and events to attend in 2023

IoT events are changing to accommodate users worldwide by having both in-person and virtual options in 2023. Learn more about this year's top 12 conferences.

Many devices today connect to the internet and talk to each other, including light bulbs, medical diagnostic tools and traffic lights. This network of devices is known as the internet of things. IoT is a technology domain that encompasses consumer, industrial and embedded devices. Any individual thing that has some form of network connectivity, an IP address and can connect to the public internet is an IoT technology.

IoT deployments continue to grow as organizations engage in digital transformation initiatives. IoT devices generate large amounts of data that organizations use to get a better view of operations and to inform business decisions.

Following IoT blogs is one way to stay up to date on news and trends in the global IoT industry. Other popular approaches include enrolling in online courses to keep your skills up to date and attending IoT industry conferences and other events.

The top IoT conferences in 2023

IoT conferences in 2023 are being offered around the world both in-person and virtually. These include industry vertical-specific conferences, such as those for industrial IoT, manufacturing or power generation, as well as broader multivertical events. As with other topics in IT, there are academic conferences for IoT where researchers release papers on new processes and approaches. IoT is also a topic of conversation at larger industry events, particularly those that involve consumer electronics, cybersecurity and open source.

Here are some of the top industry conferences and events to keep on your radar in 2023.

1. Consumer Electronics Show 2023

When: Jan. 5-8, 2023

Where: Las Vegas and digital

Cost: Deluxe conference pass: $1,275; digital-only pass: $279

Where to register:

Description: Few if any events in 2023 are bigger than the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) conference which focuses on consumer electronics. IoT isn't the primary focus of CES, but with more than 2,000 exhibitors, IoT is well represented at the event with all manner of devices benefiting from internet connectivity. With the emergence of new connectivity approaches for consumer IoT devices, 2023 will be a big year for IoT at CES.

Speakers: Among the many featured speakers are:

  • Ed Bastian, CEO, Delta Air Lines
  • John May, chairman and CEO, John Deere
  • Lisa Su, chair and CEO, AMD

2. IOT Solutions World Congress

When: Jan. 31-Feb. 2, 2023

Where: Barcelona, Spain

Cost: Full pass: €1,095

Where to register:

Description: This event looks to serve the same role for IoT that the Mobile World Congress serves for the mobility industry. The sprawling event has a broad range of diverse speakers talking about IoT in government, process engineering and industrial use cases. Key themes include security, connectivity, business optimization, customer experience and data intelligence.


  • Sandeep Shekhawat, director of engineering, Walmart Labs
  • Jesper Toubøl, vice president of operations, Lego Group
  • Maria Araujo, engineering fellow, Johnson & Johnson

3. IoT Evolution Expo

When: Feb. 14-17, 2023

Where: Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

Cost: Superpass: $1,599 (early bird $1,299); IoT Platinum: $1,299 (early bird $799)

Where to register:

Description: IoT Evolution Expo is one of the larger IoT events scheduled in 2023, hosting more than 7,000 attendees and 300 exhibitors. Event topics will have a strong business focus, including how to use IoT data analytics to help grow businesses. Industrial IoT (IIoT) is another primary topic with sessions on applications and security. There are also several colocated events, including the Industrial IoT Conference, The Intelligent Edge Expo, 5G Expo and The Smart City Event.


  • Sandeep Shekhawat, director of engineering, Walmart Labs
  • Jon Pelson, author, Wireless Wars
  • Michael Skurla, chief product officer, Radix IoT

4. 4th International Conference on Blockchain and Internet of Things 2023

When: March 18-19, 2023

Where: Vienna

Cost: Not yet disclosed

Where to register:

Description: The International Conference on Blockchain and Internet of Things (BIoT) 2023 provides a somewhat unique focus than other events. BIoT looks at the intersection of blockchain and IoT, including discussion on theoretical and practical aspects. The general theme of topics presented at this event tends to skew more toward academic research.

Speakers: Speakers haven't been announced.

5. RSA Conference 2023

When: April 24-27, 2023

Where: San Francisco

Cost: Full in-person: $1,845

Where to register:

Description: RSA Conference is one of the largest cybersecurity conferences in the world and includes multiple sessions, tracks and speakers that deal with the topic of IoT security. Multiple sessions with a specific focus on IoT are spread across an agenda loaded with content covering every aspect of modern cybersecurity.

Speakers: The speaker list for RSA Conference USA events is often staggering, with experts from the government, private sector, academia and law enforcement. Speakers include:

  • Abhilasha Bhargav-Spantzel, partner security architect, Microsoft
  • Christopher Pierson, founder and CEO, BlackCloak
  • Sounil Yu, chief information security officer and head of research, JupiterOne

6. 8th ACM/IEEE Conference on Internet of Things Design and Implementation

When: May 9-12, 2023

Where: San Antonio

Cost: Not yet disclosed

Where to register:

Description: IoTDI 2023 is part of Cyber-Physical Systems and Internet-of-Things (CPS-IoT) Week. The conference has a strong academic and technical focus designed to further research, specifications and best practices for IoT systems design and operational implementations.

Speakers: Speakers haven't been announced. Papers from the 2021 event are publicly indexed on the ACM conference proceedings site.

7. IoT Tech Expo North America

When: May 17-18, 2023

Where: Santa Clara, Calif., and virtual

Cost: Not yet disclosed

Where to register:

Description: This event covers a broad spectrum of IoT topics for decision-makers, including digital transformation, sensor development, cloud computing, smart energy and autonomous transportation. The event includes a mix of top-level executive and enterprise IT content, including keynotes, and individual and panel sessions.

Speakers: Speakers haven't been announced.

8. IoT Week

When: June 19-22, 2023

Where: Berlin

Cost: Not yet disclosed

Where to register:

Description: IoT Week explores five different thematic areas during the four-day event. Among those areas are next-generation IoT, research and cross-Atlantic cooperation; IoT markets and applications in industry, agriculture and smart communities; IoT for the SDGs; from data spaces to data legislation; and IoT platforms and standardisation.

Speakers: Speakers haven't been announced.

9. Embedded Open Source Summit

When: June 27-30, 2023

Where: Prague and virtual

Cost: Not yet disclosed

Where to register:

Description: The Embedded Open Source Summit (EOSS) is a new umbrella event hosted by the Linux Foundation for open source embedded projects and developer communities to come together under one roof for collaboration and education. The event is an expansion of the Linux Foundation's efforts in the embedded space that had previously been largely relegated to colocated conferences at larger events. Open source plays a pivotal role in the IoT ecosystem as a foundational software technology that helps to power devices and enable connectivity.

Speakers: Speakers haven't been announced.

10. Black Hat USA 2023

When: Aug. 5-10, 2023

Where: Las Vegas and virtual

Cost: Not yet disclosed

Where to register:

Description: Black Hat is a cybersecurity event that also discusses many IoT topics, including sessions on the newest exploits of IoT. A key part of the event is the Black Hat Arsenal where researchers and vendors display and discuss the latest tools, with a strong representation of tools that often target IoT deployments.

Speakers: Speakers haven't been announced.

11. Applied Intelligence Live

When: Sept. 20-21, 2023

Where: Austin, Texas

Cost: Standard: $1,599

Where to register:

Description: Formerly known as IoT World & The AI Summit, the Applied Intelligence Live event is part of Informa Tech's Internet of Things World Series of events. The goal is to help connect tech pioneers with progressive customers to discuss IoT and AI implementations.


  • William Hurley, founder and CEO, Strangeworks
  • Mark Beccue, principal analyst, Omdia
  • Kate Stewart, vice president of dependable embedded systems, The Linux Foundation

12. IoT Tech Expo Europe

When: Sept. 26-27, 2023

Where: Amsterdam and online

Cost: Free to attend

Where to register:

Description: This is one of the leading events in Europe for IoT where organization can connect with experts and learn solution-based approaches to IoT across multiple industry verticals.

Speakers: Speakers haven't been announced.

Other 2023 IoT conferences

Beyond the 12 events listed above, there are several additional IoT conferences in 2023 to take note of, including the following.

ICAITT 2023: 17. International Conference on Agricultural Internet of Things Technologies

When: April 24-25, 2023

Where: New York City

Where to register:

5th International Conference on Internet of Things (CIoT 2023)

When: June 17-18, 2023

Where: Sydney

Where to register:

ICITATL 2023: 17. International Conference on Internet of Things Applications for Transportation and Logistics

When: June 19-20, 2023

Where: Toronto

Where to register:

IoT in Oil and Gas Conference, part of the 9th Annual Digitalization in Oil and Gas Conference

When: Sept. 14-15, 2023

Where: Houston

Where to register:

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