TechTarget News - Week of Jan 29, 2012

MEP quits as thousands protest ACTA signing

A European MP has resigned after thousands of people in Poland protested against the international anti-counterfeiting trade agreement (ACTA)

Website launched to monitor cloud computing suppliers

A website has been launched that will monitor the performance of specialist cloud computing suppliers and compare them against traditional IT suppliers.

Cisco unveils product consolidation plan

Cisco has unveiled details of the product line consolidation it hopes will turn around the company after its struggles with poor financial performance.

Ofcom reports UK improvement in broadband

Boris Johnson says people should go to the pub to avoid massive rush-hour delays during the Olympics, but perhaps teleworking would be better for business

Volkswagen UK CIO leaves to go nuclear

Nick Gaines, formerly CIO at Volkswagen UK, has left the car firm to join Ultra Electronics Nuclear Control Systems.

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