TechTarget News - Week of Aug 20, 2017

NotPetya highlights cyber risk in shipping industry

Malware attack has shown that the shipping industry is vulnerable to cyber attacks, with Danish shipping giant Maersk reporting potential cost of up to $300m

iPhone Secure Enclave firmware encryption key leaked

Experts and Apple say despite the leak of the iPhone Secure Enclave Processor encryption key that can be used to decrypt firmware code, user data and biometric information are still safe.

Wearables on the rise in the Middle East

The take up of wearables in the Middle East is growing mainly as a result of consumer demand for smartwatches

Cisco buys hyperconvergence software supplier

Cisco’s transformation into a software-led networking business continues with the purchase of Springpath, a developer of hyperconvergence software

Industrial robots a security risk, warns IOActive

Some of the most popular industrial and domestic robot brands have various vulnerabilities that could by exploited by cyber attackers, a research paper warns

Cisco Spark app gets features for regulated organizations

The Cisco Spark app now includes better content protection and control. Enterprises also have the option of having an on-premises version of the Spark encryption key server.

IoFabric extends Vicinity to multiple sites, clouds

IoFabric Vicinity combines quality of service, snapshots and replication in a software-defined storage application to manage storage across primary, backup and archive tiers.

Tegile IntelliFlash array family welcomes all-NVMe sibling

A rack of Tegile's IntelliFlash N Series NVMe arrays scales to 60 PB of effective capacity. Tegile promises 3 million IOPS in a single array with full data services at low latency.

SAP Ariba gaining ground in APAC

Companies like Woolworths and DuluxGroup in Australia are using the cloud-based service to reduce procurement costs and risks

Dutch e-voting is waiting for an opportunity

Despite years of opposition and distrust in voting machines, a small Dutch initiative is aiming for a new form of e-voting

Google Chrome Enterprise adds management options

The Google Chrome Enterprise offering officially allows organizations to manage Google Play Store apps, extensions, Microsoft Active Directory and integrate VMware on Chromebooks.

Security professionals name top causes of breaches

Security professionals have named the top reasons for successful cyber attacks, which are affecting more than half of organisations

U.S. government cybersecurity is a mess, according to officials

News roundup: John McCain, NIAC and others called out the administration for not doing enough on U.S. government cybersecurity. Plus, the Ropemaker exploit alters emails, and more.

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