TechTarget News - Week of Feb 11, 2018

PyeongChang Winter Games hit by cyber attack

Although critical operations were not affected by the incident, event organisers at the PyeongChang Winter Olympics had to shut down servers and the official games website to prevent further damage

APAC fintech market set to bloom

Government support, the rise of digital payments and a new breed of financial services will put the region’s financial technology market in overdrive over the next few years

Channel roundup: Who's gone where?

They say that talent will rise to the top and a fair few firms have been creaming off the best of the best over this last week

Wireless vendors count on 5G equipment sales for rescue

Wireless 5G equipment sales could take off in the next two years, possibly saving wireless vendors. AT&T increases the use of bots in its business, and Verizon expands owned fiber.

FS-ISAC enables safer financial data sharing with API

The global financial industry's body for cyber and physical threat intelligence analysis and sharing has published an API to facilitate safer sharing of consumer financial information

GNR Technology snaps up QBS Software to fuel growth

It has been a busy couple of weeks for the distributor making an acquisition after signing up a couple more vendors to the portfolio

London joins Citibank IT innovation network

Citibank has made London home to its latest IT innovation hub, which will focus on applying data science and high performance computing to the business

Simon Eccles appointed as NHS CCIO

Emergency medicine consultant Simon Eccles will take over as chief clinical information officer for the National Health Service following Keith McNeil’s departure

Industrial cyber security improving, but needs work

Cyber attacks on industrial and critical infrastructure systems are increasing in number and sophistication, but more attention is being paid to security, says Honeywell at it opens new Dubai facility

With VxBlock 1000, Dell EMC AMPs up converged platform

Dell EMC VxBlock 1000 lets customers mix and match VMAX, Unity, XtremIO and Isilon arrays in a block with Cisco servers and networking. Will that reverse market share decline?

Particle Mesh brings mesh networking to IoT

With the Particle IoT mesh network, the company aims to help customers solve connectivity challenges and improve the collection of IoT data.

When customer service automation goes off the rails

CRM sales and service automation can drive down costs when they drive customer self-service. But if they frustrate customers, what's the actual implementation cost?

Enterprises won't reap benefits of 5G until 2020s

The first commercial 5G deployments are scheduled for later this year. One report's 5G timeline predicts many enterprises won't reap the benefits of 5G until the mid-2020s.

IT analysts look for clarity on IBM analytics tools

IBM's analytics software is strong technically but disjointed and hard to understand, say analysts who think simplifying things should be a priority at the company's Think 2018 conference.

Zerto Virtual Replication 6.0 dives deeper into multiple clouds

Zerto has added to its bidirectional Virtual Replication software with multi-cloud protection for data and applications stored in AWS, Microsoft Azure and IBM Cloud.

ExtraHop intros Reveal(x) cybersecurity analytics software

ExtraHop fortifies its packet capture platform with cybersecurity analytics software, Reveal(x); Mist introduces a virtual network assistant powered by artificial intelligence.

Critical Broadcom flaws discovered in Lenovo ThinkPads

Two critical flaws in Broadcom Wi-Fi chips disclosed last year were thought to affect only Apple and Android devices, but Lenovo now says ThinkPad models are vulnerable, too.

Oracle Cloud data center buildup aims to enchant enterprises

An updated Oracle Cloud SLA becomes the first to factor in performance standards for customers -- one of several moves aimed at luring enterprises to its expanding public cloud.

CPU bugs add to IT stress as February Patch Tuesday drops

Administrators who rushed out fixes in January for the Meltdown and Spectre flaws then had to unwind some of those corrections after additional problems occurred.

Telegram zero-day exploit is a warning

The discovery of an exploit of a zero-day vulnerability in the Telegram messaging app demonstrates that not all “secure” apps are automatically safe, security experts have warned

Technology spend growing at expense of trader salaries

Investment firms are spending a larger proportion of their budgets on software as data and artificial intelligence technology is seen to provide a competitive advantage

Cyberthreat 2018 aimed at UK cyber security techies

Cyberthreat 2018 is aimed at growing the UK’s network of cyber defenders, filling a key gap in the UK cyber security conference calendar and bridging the public-private sector divide

100 days to GDPR compliance deadline

As the clock ticks down to the deadline to comply with the EU’s new data protection regulations, some surveys indicate there is still some confusion, but the focus has shifted from the sanctions to the benefits

IoT security threat already exercising industry minds

If the Meltdown processor security flaw has shown that some threats have gone under the radar there are also some concerns that IoT could add to the problems unless addressed with extra network security

Multi-cloud connectivity behind Citrix acquisition of Cedexis

Citrix's acquisition of Cedexis marks its entry into the business of connecting multiple cloud data centers. Citrix is expected to combine NetScaler with Cedexis technology.

NooBaa update focuses on multi-cloud data management

Software-defined object storage startup NooBaa takes on unstructured data management across multiple private and public clouds with second major product release.

Equifax breach worsens, additional consumer data exposed

The Equifax breach compromised even more consumer data, including tax identification numbers, than originally reported. But the credit rating agency didn't disclose the update.

HR is failing to use people analytics tools, new report says

Human resource departments fail to use people analytics tools effectively, a new global study concludes. The findings were called a 'stunning regression' defying expectations.

Dell EMC’s IoT revenue in APAC surpasses $1bn

The milestone in Dell EMC’s internet of things revenue underscores the APAC region’s rapid uptake of sensors and other IoT devices in industries and smart city projects

Cisco profits slump after Trump tax bill

Networking giant posted $8.8bn loss in the second quarter of its fiscal 2018 after booking charges related to the US government’s Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, but saw a strong quarter elsewhere

F-Secure warns against ‘evil maid’ attacks

Business people are being urged not to underestimate the importance of physical security for their laptops, which can be used as entry points by attackers if not adequately protected

Latest Carbonite acquisition adds Mozy backup

Carbonite stays busy with its pending acquisition of Mozy and a forthcoming DRaaS product. The data protection vendor also announced its revenue results.

SD-branch network concept as next stage of WAN connectivity

SD-branch uses SD-WAN technology to simplify the branch network. It integrates multiple network functions now housed in separate components into software that runs in a single box.

Latest Juniper switches up throughput for cloud applications

The latest Juniper switches target companies that want a network infrastructure with the throughput and management software to run apps in the data center and public clouds.

Veritas CloudPoint aims for multi-cloud data protection

CloudPoint 2.0 now includes built-in content indexing from snapshots, application persistent snapshots and auto discovery of new cloud instances in Microsoft and Google clouds.

Enterprises given clarity on cost of cloud services

Enterprises are gaining greater clarity about the cost of cloud services for UCC, as many IT departments are discovering that cloud deployments don't usually save them money.

VMware acquisition continues move toward cloud security

VMware cloud security tools will get a boost from the company's acquisition of CloudCoreo, a security and management startup focused on cloud deployments.

Intel bug bounty programs widened after Meltdown and Spectre

Intel's bug bounty program expanded its scope and rewards for bugs across all Intel products, and the company added a new program for side-channel flaws like Meltdown and Spectre.

Cohesity DataPlatform now spans file, object storage

Cohesity's DataPlatform tackles unstructured data through SpanFS, which manages file and object storage and expands the vendor's converged secondary storage platform.

Few organisations managing cyber risk, survey shows

Cyber risk management practices are not keeping up with rising cyber security concerns among senior executives around the world, a study shows

US sentences two Russians for huge data breaches

The US has sentenced two Russian cyber criminals who targeted major payment processors, retailers and financial institutions around the world, as the US joins the UK in condemning Russia for the 2017 NotPetya attacks

CIO interview: Mike Thomas, CIO, Hobbycraft

The CIO of Hobbycraft, Mike Thomas, speaks to Computer Weekly about the art of digital transformation in retail, the importance of customer experience and getting a good return on investment

A third of Brits plan to exercise right to be forgotten

After the General Data Protection Regulation compliance deadline, a third of Britons polled say they plan to exercise their right to be forgotten, but few fully understand the GDPR and how it will affect them

Pluralsight IQ, Stack Overflow boost developer street cred

Tying the Pluralsight IQ skills test to the Stack Overflow Developer Story helps developers measure their technical skills and better highlight them for jobs.

Enterprises identify 10 essential DevOps tools

Products branded with DevOps are everywhere, and the list of options grows every day, but the best DevOps tools are already well-known among enterprise IT pros.

London remains top city for migrating tech talent

Despite Brexit, the UK capital is still a popular destination for technology workers migrating from both inside and outside the European Union

Making the most of incident detection and response

This week, bloggers look into incident detection strategies, a new anomaly detection tool from ExtraHop and how Ethernet VPN differs from virtual private LAN service.

Tech industry signs cyber security charter

Nine technology organisations have signed a cyber security charter aimed at raising the level of cyber security internationally

Olympic Destroyer malware more complex than first thought

News roundup: The Olympic Destroyer malware is more sophisticated than researchers first thought. Plus, Microsoft looks to change identity management with blockchain, and more.

Cisco revenue turns positive, as software, security sales up

Cisco revenue grew last quarter for the first time in more than two years, due, in part, to rising software sales. But analysts cautioned Cisco could still fall back into a slump.

Email collaboration evolves in the modern enterprise

Messaging apps are great for team collaboration, but bridging the gap between internal and external communication remains a hurdle. That's why vendors are developing tools to improve email collaboration.

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