TechTarget News - Week of Jun 24, 2018

SAP outlines approach to data management

Through its Hana Data Management Suite, SAP hopes to alleviate the challenges of managing data amid growing data security needs in an increasingly hybrid IT landscape

Apple rejects claim of iPhone brute force hack

Apple has rejected claims by a security researcher that he was able to bypass the iPhone defences against brute force passcode hacks

CCS cancels Crown Marketplace tender, but says programme continues

The Crown Commercial Service has cancelled a tender for an element of the Crown Marketplace, but insists the programme continues as the organisation has made “important decisions” to clarify scope and focus

Most infosec pros would trust hacker-tested products

Information security professionals are more likely to trust a product or company tested by hackers and most would respond to security reports from this community, a survey has revealed

Openreach extends Gfast broadband roll-out

Openreach commits to rolling out Gfast broadband services to 59 new locations in the next phase of its ultrafast deployment plan

Nordic and Baltic states agree on joint approach to AI

The governments of the Nordic and Baltic region want to work closer together to further increase the status of artificial intelligence in business and society

VM-aware storage pioneer Tintri on verge of bankruptcy

Recent first-quarter results by the VM-aware storage pioneer throw light on a fragile financial situation that needs new funds or a buyer to avoid bankruptcy by the end of June

Hadoop data lake architecture tests IT on data integration

Hortonworks users talk about building Hadoop data lakes to support new applications -- and the challenges their teams face on ingesting and refining data for end users.

Vexata fires up NVMe flash storage to tackle analytics

Vexata claims about two dozen customers are using its all-flash NVMe VX storage arrays. Vendor says the product upgrade targets growing need for fast storage in cognitive computing.

London cyber innovation centre opens

The government-funded London cyber innovation centre is set to open today and welcome the first cyber security businesses as a study reveals that a quarter of UK firms lack the right security technology

Malaysia makes good progress in building analytics talent

The country’s talent development and funding schemes have brought the benefits of big data to many organisations, but the quality and volume of its analytics talent can be improved

Microsoft expands datacentre footprint in Norway

Microsoft is introducing two new datacentre regions in Norway and is targeting the oil and gas industry with its Azure services

Hospitality industry under siege from botnets

The hospitality industry, including hotels, airlines and cruise lines, is the biggest target for cyber criminal botnet attacks that abuse credentials and overwhelm online systems, a report reveals

High-Tech Bridge bets on machine learning capabilities

Machine learning has a great potential to drive the automation of some security tasks to free up information security professionals to do more strategic work, says High-Tech Bridge founder

British Muslim challenges use of intelligence databases for repeated police stops

Muzaffar Abdullah is challenging police use of intelligence databases to repeatedly stop and question Muslims, after being arrested for refusing to answer questions under Schedule 7 of the Terrorism Act 2000. His lawyers say he had been stopped at least 10 times before and the police should have known he had no connection to terrorism

SSE Enterprise Telecoms bids to solve UK’s backhaul problem

By layering Infinera technology over its existing network, SSE Enterprise Telecoms plans to deliver what it refers to as a ‘dark fibre-like’ access product for communications services providers

GDS is trying to democratise digital, says Cunnington

GDS boss Kevin Cunnington offers departments help with Brexit and says GDS is working to solve the “hardest problems”, as well as mapping innovation across government

GoToMeeting client adds business messaging to chase rivals

LogMeIn has added instant messaging and automated transcription to the GoToMeeting client. The new features bring the platform more in line with rivals Zoom and Cisco Webex.

News briefs: Study outlines best practices for patient matching

Two organizations seek to improve patient identity management. A cybersecurity firm published a study on PHI sold on the dark web. And the FDA permitted the marketing of an AI algorithm for wrist-fracture detection.

Tempered Networks extends reach of NAC software

Tempered Networks has extended the reach of its network access control technology. The company has introduced NAC software for IoT, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure.

Google dives into elusive cloud file storage market

Google Cloud Filestore may be the last piece of the puzzle for the vendor's storage services, but like its competitors' file offerings, it's far from a finished product.

Global IoT security standard remains elusive

Despite the lack of a global internet of things security standard, existing security frameworks are on the same page in areas such as device upgradability and data stewardship

TeenTech announces its 2018 award winners

Not-for-profit TeenTech announces the winners of its annual awards that showcase students who have used technology to solve real-world problems

Technology key to keeping staff happy

Giving employees access to the latest technologies will improve their satisfaction and increase productivity, survey shows

Cyber criminals 'infect and collect' in cryptojacking surge

Illicit cryptocurrency mining offers cyber criminals lower risk, higher efficacy and greater ease of making money, adding passive exploitation to ransomware extortion, data breach theft and fraud, a report reveals

Government must challenge popular smart city misconceptions

A report by the All Party Parliamentary Group on Smart Cities says many people feel alienated by the concept, and calls on the government to challenge some popular misconceptions

Time for the data channel to add voice to the mix

With the technology shifting to the cloud and the days of expensive PBX boxes coming to an end the opportunities for the IT channel are expanding

University of Melbourne claims quantum computing breakthrough

Australian scientists have simulated the power of quantum computing on classical computers to solve a mathematical problem, paving the way for future breakthroughs in the nascent field

Ticketmaster warns of third-party data breach

Ticketmaster has warned of a potential data breach through malware found in a third-party customer support service, underlining the importance of supply chain security

Two further regions join care record exemplar programme

Yorkshire and Humber and Thames Valley have been chosen by NHS England to join the three other care record exemplars, each receiving up to £7.5m to speed up delivery of integrated health and care

New HR tools for hourly workers, employee retention announced

This week's news roundup includes an HR tool designed just for hourly workers, a new offering from Limeade to help with talent retention and a new cloud-based benefits platform.

IAM engineer roles require training and flexibility

Looking for an IAM engineer? They may be right under your nose. But training existing or external candidates involves a lot more than just understanding the tech.

The future of BI is bright, as experts note evolving trends

Fast-evolving tech trends like machine learning and cloud storage management will have big roles in BI in the coming years, especially with the dominance of cloud computing, experts say.

Juniper adds core campus switch to EX series

Juniper has added to the EX series a core aggregation switch for companies that need less scale than the EX9000. The compact EX4650 campus switch supports the EVPN and VXLAN protocols

VMware's managed Kubernetes service enters a crowded race

VMware Kubernetes Engine is the latest service from vendors that want to jump into the container business, and it's another signal of VMware's changing take on cloud.

EFF's STARTTLS Everywhere aims to protect email in transit

The EFF's new STARTTLS Everywhere initiative aims to secure email as it transits the internet between mail servers to prevent mass surveillance, as well as email spoofing.

Box Skills integrations give users access to AI

By integrating with Google, IBM and Microsoft, Box is bringing AI capabilities to its platform, but it still won't be enough to steal Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive customers.

British Muslim considers appeal after court rules repeated terrorism stops are legal

Muzaffar Abdullah, a 37-year-old gas engineer who has been stopped and questioned by police at airports at least 10 times, is considering an appeal after being found guilty of wilful obstruction for refusing to answer questions under controversial terrorism legislation. He received a conditional discharge.

UK biometrics strategy criticised for lack of content

The long-awaited government biometrics strategy falls short of the mark, say critics, failing to provide a detailed and coherent strategy or governance framework

Maintel picks up Atos contracts

The managed services specialist has spent millions to acquire Atos contracts

Home Office criticised over ESN review progress

In an appearance before the Public Accounts Committee, Home Office permanent secretary Philip Rutnam defended the progress of the ESN project review

GDPR exposes breach reporting flaws

In the month since the GDPR compliance deadline, it has become clear that many organisations are not well prepared for personal data breach notifications, says PwC’s data protection lead

UK government cyber security standard welcomed

The information security community has welcomed the publication of the government’s minimum cyber security standard, which could be used by any organisation to improve its cyber defences

Building a data science pipeline: Benefits, cautions

A data science development pipeline is critical for digital business. But the sequence of the pipeline must be monitored closely to ensure the output reflects the business goal.

Amazon develops transgender resources for employees

Online retail giant Amazon has launched a pack of resources to its UK employees to help make the workplace a more inclusive environment for transgender people

Slack outages raise reliability concerns

Slack outages are becoming frequent enough to make some analysts wonder whether companies would trust the collaboration startup for business-critical communications.

Lustre-based DDN ExaScaler arrays receive NVMe flash

High-performance computing specialist DataDirect Networks spruced up its ExaScaler SFA-based flagship with nonvolatile memory express flash, and it bought Lustre from Intel.

Database DevOps tools bring stateful apps up to modern speed

Database DevOps is no longer a contradiction in terms, as enterprises roll out database management and persistent storage software that makes stateful apps more flexible.

Exactis leak exposes database with 340 million records

Experts said the Exactis leak needs to be treated as a learning moment for defining identity online after the marketing firm exposed data on 230 million adults and 110 million businesses.

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