TechTarget News - Week of Aug 26, 2018

M-Files cloud subscription turns hybrid with M-Files Online

The ECM industry is continuing to move toward cloud management, yet there are still data migration and security worries preventing some organizations from updating legacy systems.

VMware Cloud on AWS ups its appeal to legacy shops

The latest version of VMware's joint hybrid cloud offering with AWS emphasizes faster and more seamless migrations for legacy apps on their way to the cloud.

Dell EMC HCI and storage cloud plans on display at VMworld

Dell EMC promises to synchronize releases of VMware's vSAN on VxRail HCI appliances, although it may take 30 days to do it; fleshes out cloud support for storage, data protection.

Dell EMC HCI gear pushes multi-cloud strategy

Dell EMC will use its HCI systems when it bundles software to encourage multi-cloud environments and push adoption of the company's own multi-cloud strategy.

Taking stock of Dell EMC’s growth in Asia

Tech supplier Dell EMC is riding on growing demand for servers and hyper-converged infrastructure, and investing in more technical resources to support enterprises in digital transformation efforts

Amnesty International backs campaign to ban killer robots

Human rights organisation calls for legally binding international agreement to ban the development and use of autonomous weapons that operate without humans

Sharp rise in business email compromise

Cyber attackers are expanding their attack methods to steal money and to gain access to corporate and employee data, a report reveals

Hancock appoints chief technology adviser

Hadley Beeman will service as Matt Hancock’s chief technology adviser at the Department for Health and Social Care

Multi-cloud the theme at VMWorld

An acquisition and some partner programmes have underlined the commitment of VMware to carve out more share in the multi-cloud market

Arsenal puts Acronis in defence for analytics cloud backup

Football club is increasingly driven by video and data analysis and opts for cloud backup software-as-a-service and quick restore to any location to replace ad-hoc staff solutions

Challenge to anti-GDPR immigration exemption in DPA to go ahead

Two human rights groups are challenging a controversial clause in new UK data protection legislation that they say is in conflict with the EU’s Charter of Fundamental Rights and undermines the General Data Protection Regulation

Amazon RDS on VMware extends cloud database on site

The latest expansion of the VMware-AWS partnership, centered on RDS, suggests a growing interest from the public cloud giant to extend its reach into enterprise data centers.

Cyber attackers switching to covert tactics

Cyber criminals are moving away from mass, high-profile attacks to ones that are stealthy and more subtle – as well as attacks targeting systems typically used in critical infrastructure, researchers say

Fortnite vulnerability on Android causes disclosure tension

Epic Games patched a Fortnite vulnerability in its Android installer, but Google's disclosure policy comes under fire once again as Epic Games' founder called the disclosure 'irresponsible.'

Cisco expands Veeam presence on its price list

After being added to the price list last autumn the two vendors are adding more options for partners to take out to customers

Home Office launches EU nationals registration system pilot

EU citizens working at NHS trusts in the north-west of England – and students and staff at Liverpool’s universities – will be able to apply online for settled status in the UK post-Brexit, as part of private beta pilot

IT leaders at a crossroads as they grapple with digital technology

CIOs have the opportunity to influence their company strategy as digital technology reshapes business. A survey of CIOs across 70 countries charts a path for IT leaders through emerging technologies

Security teams and C-suite exec views not aligned

There are key differences and potential challenges when it comes to security teams and C-suite executives communicating and aligning about cyber threats, a study shows

DCMS has £95m for full-fibre in final round of LFFN scheme

The government has announced the third and final round of the Local Full Fibre Network Challenge Fund, with £95m remaining to invest in local ultrafast broadband projects

Add web content personalization to your marketing strategy

Josh Mueller, global head of marketing at Dun & Bradstreet, talks about how quality data drives innovative marketing solutions such as web content personalization and AI chatbots.

New Asigra backup appliance targets ransomware

The evolution of Asigra Cloud Backup Evolved results in an integrated appliance with partner iXsystems, called the Asigra TrueNAS Backup Appliance with ransomware detection.

Developers favor JVM languages for mobile, enterprise

A recent RedMonk report finds more developers use programming languages that run on the Java Virtual Machine to build mobile and enterprise apps.

VSAN hyper-converged users offer buying, implementing advice

Users provide tips on going from three tiers to tears-free hyper-convergence using VMware vSAN software or other HCI architectures proliferating in the data center and beyond.

Box Activity Stream embeds Salesforce, Slack in Box viewer

Box advances its digital workplace strategy with Activity Stream, which enables users to access business apps like Salesforce, Slack and DocuSign within the Box viewer.

Cisco adds LTE modem to Meraki MX security appliance

Cisco adds a built-in 4G wireless broadband modem to two Meraki MX security appliances. Cisco launched the Meraki MX67C and the MX68CW devices with an integrated CAT 6 LTE cellular modem. The company also introduced four faster MX models without LTE.

Attala Systems tackles RoCE shortcomings for NVMe flash

Startup Attala said it can scale NVMe over RoCE across composable bare-metal racks. It has also partnered with Super Micro on NVMe JBOF and has data lake software in preview.

Kubernetes community takes over massive Google test bed

Google will donate $9 million in GCP resources and undergo a three-year handoff process to put a massive Kubernetes test bed under CNCF control. Users wonder, what happens next.

Improving security is top driver for ISO 27001

Organisations are implementing the ISO 27001 standard in recognition of the fact that cyber attacks are increasingly inevitable and that it is best to be well-prepared to fend off attacks and mitigate their effect

Singapore broadens access to AI skills

A national artificial intelligence initiative in Singapore is being extended to the general population to dispel fears that machines will take over people’s jobs

Machine identity management crisis looming

Managing machine identities is looming as the next big security challenge, a study reveals, with few organisations capable of protecting them as they increasingly form the basis of online communications

Accountant dumps Dell SAN for StorMagic hyper-converged

Accounting firm ditches traditional SAN hardware for software-defined hyper-converged storage from StorMagic and avoids tens of thousands of dollars in capex costs

Nearly half of NHS staff rely on instant messaging at work

43% of NHS staff use apps such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger for work purposes, and most NHS trusts have no policy discouraging the use of instant messaging, according to supplier CommonTime

Taking the right MSP approach to the SMB market

The SMB community might make up a large part of the customer base but managed service players need to be able to avoid the one size fits all approach

Box Skills Kit to hit market soon in general release

Box says its Box Skills Kit AI development system will be generally available in December 2018. Meanwhile, Box moved on workflow automation, cybersecurity and Google integration.

Cobalt cyber heist group mounts new campaign

Security researchers discover new campaign using two malicious links to double the chances of infection, which is believed to be linked to a notorious cyber crime group

Polycom VVX series adds four new desk phones

A new cloud-based device management service will help Polycom partners provision and troubleshoot the vendor's devices, including four new Polycom VVX series phones released this week.

VMware takes NSX security to AWS workloads

VMware has brought NSX microsegmentation to workloads running on Amazon Web Services. Also, at VMworld 2018, VMware said NSX security is now enforceable on Arista switches.

Congress wants CVE program changes from DHS and MITRE

In a letter to DHS and MITRE, Congress said CVE program management has been 'insufficient' and called for the program to receive more consistent funding and additional oversight.

Alteryx 2018.3 gives users new data visualization options

The latest version of Alteryx's data preparation and analytics software adds new visualization capabilities -- something that beta user Voxx Analytics says was needed.

Panzura tackles multi-cloud data management software as a service lets Panzura peer into customer data in on-premises and off-premises clouds to index, search, analyze and control it.

How bias in AI happens -- and what IT pros can do about it

At Gartner Catalyst 2018, Darin Stewart detailed how AI bias finds its way into algorithms, what IT pros can do to prevent it -- and why it's sometimes OK to intentionally insert it.

Box security gets a boost with built-in Shield

Shield will provide additional security options for Box content. Attendees at BoxWorks consider how this feature could integrate with IT's existing security tools.

Blockchain gains foothold in Australia

A number of blockchain projects are under way in Australia, but questions remain about whether the technology is wanted

CloudHealth's Kinsella weighs in on VMware, cloud management

VMware expanded its footprint in cloud management when it acquired CloudHealth Technologies. CloudHealth CTO Joe Kinsella observed the market changes that call for a complex management portfolio.

Another patched Apache Struts vulnerability exploited

News roundup: A new Apache Struts vulnerability was exploited in the wild mere days after it was patched. Plus, Facebook removes app over privacy concerns and more.

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