TechTarget News - Week of Jan 22, 2023

Royal Mail making limited progress on ransomware recovery

Royal Mail asks customers to hold back from sending post overseas as some services get back on track, while a report warns that disruptive attacks on critical infrastructure are set to become more common

FAA outage highlights importance of high availability

An outage of a critical FAA system highlights a need for enterprises to ensure availability and recovery of critical systems, even if industry best practices aren't attainable.

NCSC warning over cyber risk to charity sector

Cash-strapped charities without the resource to tackle their resilience deficit are increasingly at risk from malicious actors, says the NCSC

UK government reveals further ESN contract details

Latest chapter in UK Emergency Services Network saga sees termination of Motorola contract for comms equipment and supplies, software packages and software development services

Royal Society calls on public sector to pilot privacy tech

The Royal Society says public sector bodies should lead the way in piloting privacy-enhancing technologies to unlock the value of data without compromising privacy and data rights, but lack of standards and incentives mean adoption is slow

NGX: Turkish arrays to challenge US mainstream storage vendors

Ankara-based NGX offers block, file and unified storage with use of cache and RAM to speed access. Software-defined storage, cloud and NVMe-over-fabrics are also coming

Experts applaud expansion of Apple's E2E encryption

Amidst growing privacy concerns and data breach threats, Apple launched Advanced Data Protection for U.S. customers last month to secure almost all data stored in iCloud.

What Microsoft's new investment in OpenAI means for Google

The investment was expected as ChatGPT drew immediate worldwide attention. Observers now look to Google to see how the dominant search vendor will respond to ChatGPT's popularity.

Vodacom lands 2Africa subsea cable in the Eastern Cape, South Africa

What is described as ‘transformative’ subsea cable lands at the Vodacom facility in Gqeberha at South Africa’s Eastern Cape to provide a gateway to direct international connectivity for faster, more reliable internet services in the country and drive digital inclusion

Samsung completes KDDI 5G SA network slicing field trial, inks Nokia patent licence

Korean tech giant makes further strides in 5G in first demonstration of network slicing using RIC on a live 5G SA network with leading Japanese operator, and signs patent agreement with Finnish comms tech provider to combine 5G technology expertise

IT budgets under pressure spur tool consolidation

As the tech industry suffers layoffs and slowing growth, IT organizations such as Boeing are handing some of their IT vendors pink slips of their own.

Microsoft offers developer guidance on green software tools

Microsoft, UBS and others back developers' use of open source carbon-aware tools. Two case studies -- one enterprise and one academic -- demonstrate green software tools in action.

Arrow gets the nod from Lenovo to take on TruScale

Distributor Arrow will deliver Lenovo’s infrastructure-as-a-service offering globally, adding it onto the list of products available on its cloud platform

Chinese IoT suppliers expose UK businesses to espionage and data theft

Chinese companies supplying network components, known as IoT modules, post a greater long-term threat to UK security than the now banned 5G supplier Huawei, according to a study by a Chinese expert and former diplomat

Customer data, encryption key stolen in GoTo breach

GoTo's breach update follows the recent disclosure made by GoTo subsidiary LastPass, which similarly lost significant sensitive customer data in a breach last year.

AWS opens Melbourne region, to invest $4.5bn by 2037

Amazon Web Services’ new Melbourne cloud region will better serve Australian customers such as ANZ Bank and is expected to benefit over 2,500 full-time jobs in the country

Japan researchers develop new data encryption method

Researchers from Tokyo University of Science have combined the best of homomorphic encryption and secret sharing in a new method to handle encrypted data

Neos Networks completes full-fibre access promise for key UK cities

Just over a year after UK business connectivity provider opened its first metro access network to offer last-mile services direct to nearly 10,000 regional businesses, such services are now live in four key UK cities as part of an ongoing expansion programme

UK Treasury recruiting digital currency leader

The UK government’s investigation into the merits of a central bank digital currency gathers pace at it looks for a team leader

Contractor error led to Baltimore schools ransomware attack

A security contractor for Baltimore County Public Schools mistakenly opened a suspicious phishing email attachment in an unsecure environment, leading to the ransomware attack.

Devs discuss when to use TypeScript vs. JavaScript

TypeScript catches errors at compile time, which benefits developers and users. But the language isn't suitable for every project due to its additional overhead.

ChatGPT could boost phishing scams

The conversational AI tool could make it hard to detect attackers due to how conversant and grammatically correct it is. A way to combat that is to create a detector.

Spatial analysis a portal to deeper insights from data

When combined with other types of data, location information can add important context that leads to the well-informed insights that result in decisions and actions.

Stretched retail IT teams demand more from their networks

Research shows retail technology requirements are becoming denser and more complex, from immersive and live-streaming services to new forms of delivery and smart inventory

FBI hacked into Hive ransomware gang, disrupted operations

The FBI infiltrated Hive's network in July 2022 and obtained decryption keys, which it distributed to victims to prevent $130 million in ransom payments, according to the DOJ.

Data streaming platforms fuel for agile decision-making

Real-time analysis is critical as organizations try to compete amid economic uncertainty. Continuous intelligence data streaming technology is one way to do it.

Layoffs hit 2.5% of SAP workforce; Qualtrics up for sale

SAP is reducing its workforce in a 'targeted restructuring' and selling Qualtrics. The layoffs mimic other vendors, and the sale could benefit both companies, analysts said.

Lens Kubernetes developer portal expands with Shipa buy

The early stage startup, co-founded by Juniper and CloudBees vets, adds a "stupid easy" option for application auto-discovery and ongoing management, according to Mirantis.

Hive ransomware gang taken down after FBI hacks back

The FBI hacked into Hive’s servers, stole its decryption keys and then took down its servers in a major action that has successfully disrupted a prolific and dangerous ransomware operation

EE maintains mobile network leadership in UK

Analyst finds that BT-owned mobile service sweeps board in terms of nationwide network quality through performance, reliability, speed, data, calls and texting

Employees over 55 want new skills

A large number of people in their 50s or older want to gain new digital skills, but aren’t getting the support they need to do so

UK local authorities reveal connectivity priorities, challenges

Study examining topics ranging from gigabit-capable broadband to 5G, smart places, telecoms and net-zero finds progress being made in UK local government, but challenges remain in the drive to improve digital connectivity

Next Pathway offers ETL code translation as SaaS

Next Pathway's Shift Cloud will provide companies with a pay-as-needed option for performing ETL code translation for data warehouse cloud migrations.

Efforts to improve memory safety in software gain momentum

Unsafe memory access can cause financial woes for enterprises and personal harm to individuals, experts say, advising enterprises to switch to memory-safe languages.

HR tech companies' layoffs reveal hard facts

As the economy softens, HR tech companies are trimming payrolls. Several with $1 billion valuations have announced layoffs this month, citing concern for the future.

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