TechTarget News - Week of Apr 02, 2023

CIO interview: Carter Busse, CIO, Workato

Workato CIO Carter Busse talks up the company’s approach towards automation and its efforts to drive the technology across its business

Three-day Capita outage was result of cyber attack

Public sector outsourcer Capita has confirmed a major outage which began on 31 March was the result of a cyber attack affecting its Office 365 apps

Agilitas strategy already yielding results

Agilitas has been through plenty of changes recently, but the response from customers to its strategy has been positive

Remote work is in decline, but not with this CEO

Beeline Inc.'s shift to remote work increased productivity. CEO Doug Leeby avoids mandating office returns and is planning a collaboration-focused office redesign.

Istio service mesh doyen departs Google, touts Ambient Mesh

After 16 years at Google, Istio's co-founder takes over as CTO at and goes all in on a project he believes will determine the future of cloud-native networking.

Over 90% of organisations find threat hunting a challenge

Understaffed security teams and high levels of background noise are making basic security operations tasks a chore for defenders, according to a report

Fivetran, Monte Carlo target data observability at ingestion

An integration between the vendors enables joint users to get visibility into their data as it's ingested into the data pipeline and before bad data can cause downstream problems.

Alation unveils enhanced partnerships with Databricks, DBT

The data catalog vendor launched new connectors with its partners designed to help joint customers better understand data in their lakehouses and more easily transform the data.

Virgin Orbit hits ground after filing for redundancy

Days after announcing it was to cut 85% of its 750-strong workforce, responsive satellite launch provider files for bankruptcy

IBM's rack mount Z16 mainframe targets edge computing

IBM's new rack mount Z16 mainframe gives edge locations the ability to process workloads locally, taking the burden off systems running workloads in larger data centers.

Vast dips into HPE GreenLake with new file storage service

HPE enlists Vast Data to provide a new file storage service in the company's GreenLake SaaS offerings, a storage area the tech giant has struggled to perform in.

March ransomware disclosures spike behind Clop attacks

The Clop ransomware gang claimed responsibility for several disclosed ransomware attacks on major enterprises, which stemmed from a zero-day flaw in Fortra's GoAnywhere software.

OnAsset logistics service taps Amazon Sidewalk

Logistics company OnAsset Intelligence expects Amazon Sidewalk to be most beneficial for tracking goods on trucks heading to their final destinations in densely populated areas.

Oracle to open second cloud region in Singapore

The move comes less than two years after Oracle opened its first cloud region in Singapore which is already supporting over 1,000 customers across Southeast Asia

Developers say Apple and Google are running app store monopolies

Coalition for App Fairness and its members speak to Computer Weekly about alleged anti-competitive practices of Apple and Google in their respective app stores, and call for urgent regulatory action to level the playing field

Careful regard needed to identify and prioritise 5G mmWave use cases

While 24-100 GHz band of 5G comms increasingly used for indoor/outdoor congested network hot zones, fixed wireless access and indoor enterprise, analyst cautions that deployment of 5G mmWave technology poses challenges beyond physical characteristics

Scottish police tech piloted despite major data protection issues

Scottish policing bodies are pressing ahead with a data sharing pilot despite data protection issues around the use of US cloud providers, placing sensitive personal data of tens of thousands of people at risk

Cops bust Genesis cyber crime marketplace

Multinational Operation Cookie Monster takes down Genesis Market, a crucial source of compromised data used by criminals for fraud and other cyber attacks

Disconnect emerges between UK management and employees on hybrid work

Study from leading business software company finds that while overwhelming majority of IT leaders say they are investing in improving the hybrid experience for their organisation, only half of workers think it’s enough and feel their productivity has suffered

Quick-acting Rorschach ransomware appears out of nowhere

Emergent Rorschach ransomware strain is highly advanced and quite unusual in its capabilities, warn researchers, who say they have been unable to link it to any other known strains

Rançongiciel : le réveil en fanfare de l’énigmatique Stormous

Très discret l’automne 2022, le groupe fait une rentrée tonitruante, avec 28 victimes revendiquées entre fin mars et début avril. Il assure mener des cyberattaques au quotidien, mais le doute persiste sur ses allégations.

Customers asking channel to help rationalise security

A tight economy has encouraged more scrutiny of security estates, with Cisco among those charting a rise in users reaching out for help from partners in sorting out bloated software estates

42% of IT leaders told to maintain breach confidentiality

While transparency and prompt reporting are important steps following an attack, Bitdefender found that many IT professionals were told to maintain confidentiality after a breach.

DEI initiatives hurt by budget cuts, hostile politics

Diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives face multiple attacks from layoffs, budget cuts and political opposition that question the value of these programs.

Databricks launches new lakehouse for manufacturing

The platform for manufacturing companies comes with predictive maintenance and digital twin capabilities and is the vendor's fifth tool designed for a specific industry.

Government on the hunt for national tech adviser

Applicants for the role, which pays up to £135,000, will need to have “deep experience” of innovation and technology development, along with a “fantastic network” in the sector

Government to pump more than £100m into digital social care

As part of its Better Care Fund framework, the government has allocated £100m to accelerate digitisation in social care, £50m to improve data, as well as £35m for the creation of an innovation and improvement unit

HPE and Vast Data tie-up a channel positive

Decision to work together on GreenLake storage will benefit partners that are looking to make a fresh pitch around managing unstructured data

119 arrested in Genesis Market takedown

The FBI and Dutch National Police led the takedown of Genesis Market alongside more than a dozen partners, including the U.K., Italy, Spain and Romania.

Overcoming data privacy challenges in digital marketing

As access to customers' personal data tightens, online marketers must reevaluate their strategies to reach their desired targets in an effective and creative way.

The potential effects of Pure Storage's 300 TB SSDs

Pure Storage plans to have 300 TB SSD modules by 2026, potentially putting other HDD- and SSD-based systems at a scalability disadvantage. But with two-plus years to go, that advantage could change.

Cenegenics modernizes with Domo's embedded analytics suite

The performance health specialist has achieved double-digit revenue growth in the year since adopting the BI vendor's suite and embedding data tools in the workflows of end users.

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