AWS Business Builder

AWS Business Builder is a suite of technical, sales and marketing resources provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS) to help software companies within its partner program connect with potential customers and expand their businesses.

The AWS Business Builder portfolio primarily aims to support software as a service (SaaS) vendors who participate in the AWS Partner Network (APN), and who build and deliver their applications using AWS cloud infrastructure.

Components of AWS Business Builder

AWS splits its Business Builder resources into three categories to help support businesses at each point of the software development and delivery process. These categories include:

  • Build. This group of resources is intended to offer technical support to SaaS vendors as they create their products on AWS. These tools include the APN portal, through which partners can access business and technical training content; Quick Start reference guides to build software in accordance with AWS' best practices; and cloud usage credits.
  • Market. With this category of AWS Business Builder resources, SaaS providers can find tools to generate relevant leads and expand their global influence. Companies can access numerous marketing campaigns and guides, as well as work with participating agencies on promotional material. Additionally, SaaS providers in the Advanced tier of the APN can access market development funds (MDF).
  • Deliver. This group of resources includes the AWS Marketplace, an online store through which a SaaS company can deliver its products to AWS customers. AWS also offers usage credits to APN partners, enabling them to offer free-trial campaigns for their SaaS products to potential customers without having to pay for the underlying AWS resources.
This was last updated in June 2018

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