AWS SDK for Ruby

The AWS SDK for Ruby is a collection of tools designed to help a developer build applications within Amazon Web Services (AWS) that are based on the Ruby open source object-oriented programming language. AWS software development kits (SDKs) include tools to help a development team working with a specific programming language.

The AWS SDK for Ruby provides a client for application programming interfaces (APIs), an AWS Ruby Library and Ruby classes, which are groupings of Ruby objects. The aws-sdk is a gem, or a collection of code, documentation and specifications that are specific to Ruby; it contains two smaller gems: aws-sdk-core and aws-sdk-resources.

AWS SDK Ruby version 2's
new features reduce the amount
of code needed.

The aws-sdk-core gem maps Ruby methods to AWS API operations. It also has built-in features, such as parameter validation, which informs a developer of incorrect code, and built-in pagination logic to it easier to navigate through code. The aws-sdk-resources gem provides abstraction for resource objects, such as Elastic Compute Cloud instances and Simple Storage Service objects, to simplify coding.

A developer can also use the aws-sdk-rails gem to deploy and manage AWS applications built with Ruby on Rails. An optional aws-record gem provides abstraction for data mapping within Amazon DynamoDB.

AWS also provides resources to help a developer work with the SDK, including source code in a GitHub repository, an API reference, a developer's guide and an online community forum.

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