AWS Trusted Advisor (Amazon Web Services Trusted Advisor)

AWS Trusted Advisor is a product that allows a cloud administrator to provision Amazon Web Services resources according to best practices in four categories: cost optimization, security, fault tolerance and performance improvement. AWS Trusted Advisor compiles best practices based on the collective experiences of previous and existing AWS customers.

AWS Trusted Advisor performs checks that monitor and can help improve performance of AWS resources. The service displays a green check mark icon when no change is needed, an orange exclamation point when an investigation is recommended and a red exclamation point when action is recommended. The number of checks depends on the AWS Support Plan, as Basic and Developer plans are limited to four checks; Business and Enterprise plans allow for 41 checks.

AWS Trusted Advisor provides a dashboard for an admin to visualize the four categories it evaluates, including recent changes to those categories. The service provides action links in its reports, which are hyperlinks that connect an administrator user to the AWS Management Console to quickly make changes to resources.

A cloud administrator working in AWS can receive free notifications through Trusted Advisor to keep updated on resource deployments. An admin can also manually refresh checks every five minutes from the dashboard.

It's possible to exclude certain items in a Trusted Advisor report if they are not relevant to a particular cloud environment. Trusted Advisor integrates with Amazon Identity and Access Management, allowing an admin to limit access to specific checks or categories.

This was last updated in February 2016

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