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Amazon DevPay monitors and manages end user accounts so that applications built or running in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) public cloud can be monetized. Amazon DevPay integrates with Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) and Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) through tokens placed in S3 API calls and product code associated with an Amazon Machine Image.

S3 and AMIs restrict access to allow only a subscribed end user to access an application. Amazon DevPay then monitors a customer's application use and applies metered billing, if desired, on Elastic Compute Cloud and S3 resources. An enterprise views Amazon DevPay activity and can adjust pricing using its web interface. Amazon DevPay can replace a traditional billing system for payment collection.

An enterprise must register for an Amazon Payments Business Account and then register its application with Amazon DevPay. The service bills an end user with one-time, monthly or metered charges. An enterprise can also specify tiered pricing. After registering an application, Amazon DevPay provides a link to a purchase pipeline. An enterprise embeds the link on its website, allowing a customer to sign in with his or her Amazon credentials and purchase the application. Billing occurs on the first day of each month via email.

AWS charges an enterprise based on the cost of its end user's underlying services while running an application. But if the end user does not pay, AWS does not charge the enterprise for the user. Additionally, as of this writing, Amazon DevPay charges a fee of 3% of the value-add per customer and $0.30 cents per product for each bill collected from a paying customer. If end-user funds do not meet or exceed the charges for underlying AWS resources, the enterprise must pay the difference. Funds earned through Amazon DevPay can only be withdrawn into U.S. bank accounts, though buyers of an application can be based anywhere globally. The enterprise is responsible for paying and managing the appropriate local, state and federal taxes.

The similar Amazon Flexible Payments Service allows more customized billing beyond Amazon DevPay features.

This was last updated in July 2016

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