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The role of the CIO is changing: What is your company doing about it?

I am going through the data from the second annual Role of the CIO survey. So far, the data suggests more skewing toward business transformation and innovation and away from “traditional” senior IT roles, such as supporting predefined business initiatives. More on that in the next few weeks.

And as we have been writing about here in the CIO/IT Strategy Media Group for some time now, the “new” CIO is many things to many different companies. But our news director did a little digging into just exactly what kinds of skills companies are asking for in their top IT executives, and the answers are very interesting.

Here’s a sampling:

  • The vertical virtuoso
  • The enforcer
  • The protector
  • The translator
  • The negotiator

Not only do they sound like some real or potential Hollywood action flicks, these job skills show how intertwined the CIO and senior IT have become in the inner workings of the business as a whole. Non-IT executives should remember that when they are looking for ways to transform their businesses for today’s uncertain markets.

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