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Employee experience needs to lock arms with CX

When planning the perfect strategy for personalized digital experiences that seamlessly navigates the many connecting web and mobile tributaries, it's easy for most corporate leaders to envision enthusiastic customers engaged in the moment on the channel of their choice. On the receiving end, every customer want and need is satisfied by knowledgeable, nimble, technically savvy sales, marketing and customer service representatives -- human or otherwise. And the desired result? Unparalleled brand awareness, undying customer loyalty and a hard-to-top bottom line.

But to transform that strategy -- digitally -- into reality, companies first need to cross the Rubicon and totally commit to an all-encompassing transformation of not only their processes using the right AI, analytics and automation tools, but also their culture and the way they conduct business along the supply chain. And therein lies the rub. Companies have the edge in knowledge when it comes to their brand and products, but customers have the edge when operating in a digital e-commerce world, searching for products and making buying decisions.

"With external pressures from customers to provide an excellent digital experience, companies will have to align organizational culture to become more customer-centric," SurveyMonkey demand generation specialist James Tschikov wrote in a January 2019 blog post. "This includes developing cross-functional roles, which boosts collaboration across all departments."

Arguably, employee and customer experiences are one in the same so long as employees are viewed as customers. IDC makes that connection in a FutureScape prediction on worldwide customer experience: "By 2022, 35% of organizations will be running active employee experience programs that incorporate modern and enjoyable digital experiences and support brand affinity." Effective customer engagements need to begin at home with employees.

In that spirit, this handbook gets personal -- digitally. First, collaboration tools in the workplace go a long way toward fulfilling personalized digital experiences for customers. Next, learn about the impact of AI, personalization and unified customer platforms on digital experiences in 2020. Finally, we examine five leading digital technologies influencing CX strategies.

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