New upgrades added to Ujet customer service platform

Ujet has added a handful of new features, such as workforce management, quality management and CRM to its Customer Support Platform.

Ujet Inc. has launched upgrades to its Ujet Customer Support Platform in an effort to expand workability within the entire contact center environment.

New Ujet customer service features include workforce management, quality management, and CRM integration and configuration capabilities. According to Ujet, these provide expanded capabilities for support agents, supervisors and administrators, which enables more data connection, display and integration options.

Full upgrades include:

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration: Dynamics 365 users can now gain full access to the Ujet Customer Support Platform. Dynamics customers can use Ujet's call and chat adapters, smart-actions and advanced routing, including evaluation of user segmentation data from Dynamics, which helps to reduce overall session times, according to Ujet.
  • Verint Monet workforce management integration: This pushes data automatically from the Ujet platform to the workforce management system, which enables supervisors to support agents and more efficiently run their contact center, Ujet claimed. It also enables support teams to incorporate forecasting, scheduling and contact center workforce optimization.
  • Verint Monet quality management integration: Ujet's call adapter now directly integrates with Verint Monet, meaning the data is automatically delivered to the quality management system for evaluation. This enables the monitoring and evaluation of agent interactions with customers, tracking keywords and other performance metrics.
  • Customizable ticket title: Customer support professionals can now customize ticket titles to help agents see additional useful information. According to Ujet, this enables easier and more refined session classification processing within the CRM system. Agents, supervisors and administrators can use phone numbers, call chat IDs, menu paths, time stamps, languages and more to customize tickets.
  • Custom field lookup: Ujet now enables agents, supervisors and administrators flexibility by using their own identifiers when looking up end users. Support professionals can also now more efficiently assign sessions and customer information by referencing their preferred customer ID, according to the vendor.

The upgrades are available now.

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