TechSee Smart uses AI vision to aid contact center support

TechSee Smart aids live agents in contact centers by using AI and deep learning to analyze customer product images, identify issues and guide customers through the resolution process.

TechSee an AI computer vision offering for contact centers to improve customer experience. TechSee Smart uses AI to aid contact center agents in issue resolution.

TechSee, a visual customer assistance provider, intends TechSee Smart to improve businesses' issue efficiency, reduce costs and improve overall customer experience.

The computer vision platform enables customers to use the cameras on their mobile devices to show agents various products or devices, and the platform uses AI to process the image, recognize the issue and suggest recommendations to the agent.

Applying deep learning to a large visual data set of consumer products, TechSee Smart can recognize specific devices, identify issues and provide step-by-step visual guidance to the customer. The platform is intended for a variety of use cases from product unboxing and setup to troubleshooting, onboarding and billing.

TechSee claimed that consumers spend 384 minutes annually with customer service agents, and that its visual AI platform will reduce that time and increase call rates.

Companies are increasingly relying on AI customer service methods to enhance their customer experience strategies and deliver faster, more accurate assistance. According to an IDC report, companies will invest $4.5 billion into AI customer service technology this year, and Gartner predicts that by 2021, 15% of all customer service interactions will be entirely managed by AI.

According to the vendor, TechSee Smart has achieved 95% image recognition and segmentation accuracy for devices such as TVs, broadband routers and small home appliances, and is in advanced stages of damage recognition.

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