Force Marketing introduces platform for personalized marketing

Drive by Force Marketing is a personalized marketing video platform for car dealerships to increase engagement with returning and prospective customers.

Automotive marketing company Force Marketing introduced Drive, a video advertising tool designed to customize video to improve dealer-to-shopper CX.

Drive -- Dynamic Retail Inventory Video Engagement -- is a video platform that targets customers with dealer management system (DMS) data and CRM data, according to Force Marketing.

While DMS data includes the dealership's entire inventory and client information, CRM data includes sales and customer history data; drawing from both of these data sets, Drive intends to personalize automotive marketing to make it as effective as possible.

According to Gartner, personalized marketing is more effective than traditional marketing -- reporting that 16% of personalized messaging organizations see an impact on commercial outcomes -- but personalization efforts can backfire if they go too far or threaten customer privacy.

The automotive video platform displays a dealership's specific inventory of a vehicle, a branded video and vehicle identification number-specific pricing, dynamically inserted to reflect items viewed on a dealer's website or to showcase vehicle types that the platform identifies as appropriate for the customer based on DMS and CRM data.

With Drive, Force Marketing touts various improvements over traditional video campaigns, such as the following:

  • 714% increase in impressions;
  • 50% more efficient CPM (cost per thousand impressions);
  • 41% higher average completion rate; and
  • four times more video clicks.

Drive intends to both retarget old customers and pursue new consumers through location and demographic information pulled from third-party data partners, such as Oracle.

Force Marketing intends to increase users' ROI by increasing impressions and view-through rates, as well as personalizing overall CX. According to the company, clients that use Drive saw completed view rates increase over 200% when compared to traditional video ads, as well as a 77% decrease in cost per view. Drive is compatible with YouTube, Facebook, connected TV, over-the-top services and programmatic networks.

With Drive powered by Force Marketing's Helix Marketing Automation Platform, dealerships are able to view campaign performance, leads and potential opportunities in real time to track the effectiveness of video campaigns.

In addition to Drive and Helix, Force Marketing's offerings and services include paid search, search engine optimization, social advertising, display and retargeting campaigns, online video, direct marketing, email marketing and equity mining.

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