Inboundgeo Marketing Suite introduces new direct mail tool

Clients' website visitors can receive direct mail with customized content within 72 hours of their visits with the new Content Derived Filtering tool, according to the company.

Texas-based marketing software company Inboundgeo last week rolled out a new tool to its marketing suite. Content Derived Filtering lets marketers send their website visitors direct mail customized with content based on each visitor's browsing interests.

According to Inboundgeo, website visitors can receive this direct mail within 72 hours of visiting the target website. The system uses GPS targeting to map the physical address, not the IP address, of the computer used to visit the website to determine the mailing address.

The software uses analytics to track users' specific interests and generate an email with content from the website. Marketers can also use filters to specify their targets.

According to the company, as an end user navigates the customer's website, its server-side code looks for activities and patterns that are of interest to current campaigns. The interests can be the distance from a physical location or a visit to a URL on the website. The platform then collects this data to match to filters that help customers build their direct mail campaigns.

The filters let marketers determine which group of consumers would trigger a direct mail sent to them by their action on the clients' website. Inboundgeo's customers can choose to have direct mailers sent to people who showed interest in a particular product or any product above a certain price. They can also filter their targets by how far a website visitor lives from a physical store or buy demographics of proven purchasers by age, income and gender, according to the company.

"It's important to have unique ways to reach customers when the digital space is always so full of ads," said Tim Pitt, senior vice president of marketing and merchandising at Rent-A-Center, a customer of Inboundgeo's marketing suite. Pitt said his company was looking for a platform to help attract and engage customers.

"We drive a lot of traffic to our website -- not all of it converts," Pitt said. "The Inboundgeo solution is a fast, effective way to re-market to that non-converted audience in a mailbox, not a cluttered inbox, social feed or webpage."

Inboundgeo's Content Derived Filtering tool offers the following features, according to the company:

  • Custom direct mailers created with the content a customer looks at on the client's website;
  • Filters enabling marketers to target interests by brand names, product names, pricing, keywords, distance from store and so on;
  • Simple integration into companies' system.

Inboundgeo has a pricing of $1.50 per direct mail piece, including design, printing and postage, according to the company.

Other vendors that offer direct mail marketing services include Lob, Inkit and Postalytics. Lob's service can provide postal address validation and generate customized letters based on specific events by clients or actions that customers take, according to the company. Inkit's platform enables marketers to target customers who have been inactive or offline and provide a custom postcard builder for customers to design their own mail, according to the company. Postalytics lets customers track the delivery and response status of their mail and provides analytics of how recipients respond and convert online.

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