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New IT Glue integrations, features on tap for MSPs

At the GlueX conference, IT Glue product managers introduced updates to the Kaseya company's IT documentation, network documentation and collaboration-as-a-service offerings.

MSPs have a bevy of new IT Glue integrations and product features to consider, including ties-ins to Unitrends backup and a virtual CIO tool.

IT Glue, a Kaseya-owned company that focuses on automated IT and network documentation, outlined the integrations and product developments today at the company's GlueX virtual event. Kaseya purchased IT Glue in Dec. 2018, following a close relationship with the company for two years prior to the acquisition. IT Glue is a module of Kaseya's IT Complete platform, which encompasses remote monitoring and management and professional services automation (PSA), as well as IT documentation.

The Unitrends-IT Glue integration can create PDF reports on the backup status of Unitrends-protected assets and also identify unprotected assets, according to IT Glue lead product owner Polina Korovenkova. The integration doesn't yet send out backup failure alerts, but that is an area the company plans to consider. Kaseya acquired Unitrends in 2018.

In another integration, IT Glue can now link to TruMethods' myITprocess, a software tool that helps MSPs serving in a vCIO role provide technology roadmaps to their customers. In the past, MSPs have had to look up expired IT assets in IT Glue and enter those manually into a vCIO tool, which would then suggest software or hardware upgrades. With the integration, asset data from IT Glue now appears in the myITprocess dashboard, so MSPs can quickly create a roadmap recommendation, Korovenkova said.

IT Glue is what allows all of the modules of IT Complete to be integrated.
Fred VoccolaCEO, Kaseya

The myITprocess integration feature is available for free for MSPs using IT Glue on the Enterprise plan.

In addition, a new IT Glue integration with Kaseya BMS, Kaseya's PSA offering, allows service provides to work on tickets directly within IT Glue.

New IT Glue features, meanwhile, include an IT asset archive that lets MSPs archive configurations and passwords in IT Glue. Other types of assets will follow. The archive lets MSPs segregate assets they currently manage from legacy assets, resulting in leaner documentation, according to IT Glue.

Fred Voccola, CEO at KaseyaFred Voccola

Other developments:

  • An IT Glue integration within Kaseya's Fusion mobile app brings the RMM, PSA and IT documentation parts of IT Complete to technicians working at client sites, the company said.
  • Network Glue can now discover on-premises Active Directory environments and bring users into IT Glue. Microsoft Azure AD discovery plans are in the works for 2021. Another new Network Glue feature identifies virtual machines and their hosts, with a focus on VMware and Hyper-V.
  • IT Glue's MyGlue collaboration-as-a-service offering now includes a Help Center, which the company said provides a "shared knowledge base" for MSPs and their clients.

The various IT Glue integrations and product extensions underscore the growing importance of the technology in Kaseya's product strategy. "IT Glue is what allows all of the modules of IT Complete to be integrated," Kaseya CEO Fred Voccola said. "It is the hub of IT Complete."

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