Introduction to 5G: Your guide to fifth-generation wireless

Last updated:September 2019

Editor's note

Experts and consumers alike have discussed and anticipated the new cellular technology generation -- fifth-generation wireless, or 5G -- since the mid-2010s. As time passed, the line between 5G truths and hype blurred. To understand 5G as a whole, one should understand the various factors that make up 5G -- from the characteristics of a 5G network to its potential benefits.

This comprehensive guide provides an introduction to 5G, with foundational knowledge to help readers clear through the hype and learn how 5G could affect organizations globally. Explore key definitions, benefits and use cases for 5G, as well as major 5G news and other key factors.

1What is 5G?

This introduction to 5G technology includes a 5G definition, basic traits of 5G networks and 5G's differentiating factors compared with previous cellular technology generations. This section covers what 5G is from those aforementioned angles and even offers a test so you can check your 5G network expertise.

2The 5G benefits for organizations

In addition to knowledge of 5G basics, a major 5G factor that interests users is the potential benefits. Anticipated 5G benefits include increased speeds, improved reliability and lower latency. These benefits of 5G aim to be universal and vendor-agnostic and promise a cellular evolution for the industry.

3The 5G use cases to know

The following 5G use cases can provide both users and organizations with an idea of how 5G could function for them, as well as potential improvements with 5G and key considerations for business cases. Explore this introduction to 5G equipment, and learn how these different technologies could affect your organization.

4Introduction to 5G news

As more vendors develop and deploy 5G technology, consumers and pundits can understand more of how 5G affects the industry and the world. Learn about major 5G news from vendors, which includes deployments, products and future plans for 5G. This news ranges from Verizon's and AT&T's respective and selective 5G deployments to how various acquisitions can shift the 5G technology landscape.