Wireless LAN quiz answers

Wireless LANs quiz answer key.

1. The answer isevil twin. This is a home-made wireless access point (hot spot) that masquerades as a legitimate one to gather personal or corporate information without the end-user's knowledge.

2. It's the handy microwave, used for wireless communication as well as heating and cooking food.

3. HiperLAN is primarily used in Europe.

4. The answer is a., Structured Wireless-Aware Network.

5. False -- MIMO stands for multiple input, multiple output.

6. Transmitter and responder.

7. AP, in this context, stands for access point, a station that transmits and receives data.

8. True: Fixed wireless refers to the operation of wireless devices or systems in fixed locations such as homes and offices. Fixed wireless devices usually derive their electrical power from the utility mains, unlike mobile wireless or portable wireless which tend to be battery-powered.

9. A WISP is a wireless Internet service provider.

10. A Yagi antenna, also known as a Yagi-Uda array or simply a Yagi, is a unidirectional antenna commonly used in communications when a frequency is above 10 MHz.

To learn more about these and other technologies related to wireless LANs, see our WLAN glossary.

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