Assigning personnel numbers in SAP HR

An SAP HR users wants to know how to assign a person to two different personnel numbers in SAP HR while generating a single invoice.

How can I assign a person to two different personnel numbers in SAP HR and allocate that person to two different...

company codes while generating a single invoice?

In other words, suppose for a person I have two personnel numbers, A and B. I want to send him to one company in the morning and the other in the afternoon. How should I do this?

SAP offers two options for multiple assignments: Concurrent Employment and Reference Personnel Number. Depending on business requirements, the following options are offered.

The latest solution is Concurrent Employment. This solution is:


  • Supported in the United States and Canada; not currently supported in other countries
  • Requires the same pay frequency with same pay date and country code for all assignments
  • Uses Person ID to link multiple personnel numbers
  • Shares personal Data and bank details
  • Processes different programs to accommodate the use of the Person ID (e.g., RPCALCU0_CE)
    • Within this version of the payroll calculation, synchronization points perform calculations that combine taxes, deductions (e.g., 401(k), FSA, garnishment, retroactive accounting and payment calculations)
    • Earnings combined for reporting

The original solution is Reference Personnel Number. This solution is:


  • Supported across countries
  • Allows multiple pay frequencies across assignments
  • Uses Reference Personnel Number to link multiple personnel numbers
  • Allows unique bank details across personnel numbers
  • Allows personal data, the same SSN in each personnel number when Reference Personnel Number Infotype exists
  • Standard programs accommodate processing personnel number, independently
    • Within this program, taxes, deductions and garnishments are calculated for that personnel number. The standard program does not combine multiple personnel numbers to recognize limits, for example. Customization is required for compliance.
    • Wage and Tax Reporting by personnel number. Standard process does not combine multiple personnel numbers regardless of tax company. Customization is required for compliance within single tax company.

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