Getting around RFC_READ_TABLE limitations

This tip provides code to help developers get around RFC_READ_TABLE limitations.

RFC_READ_TABLE is an RFC that allows users to read a table remotely. This is important particularly to Java developers...

using JCO to communicate with an ABAP back-end. Unfortunately, RFC_READ_TABLE has size limitations; it also incorrectly reads binary data. The code below gets around those limitations. Note: no authorization checking takes place; that will need to be embedded in your version of the code. Also, you will need to define a table type with FIELDNAME as a line type. function zrvc_read_table. *"---------------------------------------------------------------------- *"*"Local interface: *" IMPORTING *" VALUE(IV_TABNAME) TYPE TABNAME *" VALUE(IT_FIELDNAMES) TYPE ZRVC_TT_FIELDNAMES *" VALUE(IT_SELECT_OPTIONS) TYPE STRINGTAB *" EXPORTING *" VALUE(EV_RC) TYPE INT4 *" VALUE(EV_MSG) TYPE STRING *" VALUE(ET_STRINGTAB) TYPE STRINGTAB *"---------------------------------------------------------------------- */References data: lr_error type ref to cx_root, lr_dataref type ref to data. */Variables data: lv_string type string, lv_temp type string, ls_dfies type dfies, lt_dfies type ddfields, lt_alldfies type ddfields. field-symbols: type any table, type any, type any. */Initialize if iv_tabname is initial. ev_rc = 4. ev_msg = 'Missing table name.'. return. endif. */Since this is an RFC, embed everything in a try/catch; catch any */exception and pass message along to caller try. */Get meta data for table call function 'DDIF_NAMETAB_GET' exporting tabname = iv_tabname tables dfies_tab = lt_alldfies exceptions others = 2. if sy-subrc <> 0. ev_rc = 4. ev_msg = 'Table not found; please try again.'. return. endif. if it_fieldnames is initial. */No restrictions provided; use all fields lt_dfies = lt_alldfies. else. */Verify that all fieldnames specified exist in table loop at it_fieldnames assigning . read table lt_alldfies into ls_dfies with key fieldname = . if sy-subrc <> 0. */Specified field not found in table ev_rc = 4. concatenate 'Field' 'not found in table' iv_tabname into ev_msg separated by space. return. endif. */Fieldname found; insert line into working dfies table insert ls_dfies into table lt_dfies. endloop. endif. create data lr_dataref type standard table of (iv_tabname). assign lr_dataref->* to . select * from (iv_tabname) into table where (it_select_options). loop at assigning . clear: lv_string. loop at lt_dfies into ls_dfies. clear: lv_temp. assign component ls_dfies-position of structure to . lv_temp = . "force the type conversion if lv_string is initial. lv_string = lv_temp. else. concatenate lv_string '|' lv_temp into lv_string. endif. endloop. insert lv_string into table et_stringtab. endloop. catch cx_root into lr_error. ev_rc = 4. ev_msg = lr_error->get_text( ). endtry. endfunction.

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