AWS CodeCommit (Amazon Web Services CodeCommit)

AWS CodeCommit is a source code storage and version-control service for Amazon Web Services' public cloud customers. CodeCommit was designed to help IT teams collaborate on software development, including continuous integration and application delivery.

The AWS CodeCommit service allows an enterprise to securely import and host scalable, private Git code repositories. A developer creates a repository through the AWS Command-line interface (CLI), software development kit or CodeCommit APIs. Git, an open-source version control system, integrates with CodeCommit repositories using its CLI and several Git clients. CodeCommit also supports several Git commands and works with Jenkins, an open source tool for continuous integration.

Repositories stored in AWS CodeCommit have no size limits and can scale to meet customer needs. A developer or Web designer can store any type of file up to 2 GB in CodeCommit.

AWS CodeCommit stores data in Amazon Simple Storage Service and Amazon DynamoDB. CodeCommit automatically encrypts files and repositories at rest through AWS Key Management Service. Additional security can be implemented by integrating CodeCommit with AWS identity and access management, which allows an administrator to assign user-access policies and establish multi-factor authentication. An administrator can use either HTTPS or SSH to communicate with CodeCommit.

This was last updated in April 2016

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