AWS Mobile Hub

The AWS Mobile Hub is a collection of Amazon Web Services tools designed to help developers build, test, configure and release cloud-based applications for mobile devices. AWS Mobile Hub packages its tools as a console for developers, allowing them to quickly select desired features for applications and integrate them into code.

AWS Mobile Hub includes a variety of tools, including tools to track application analytics, manage end-user access and storage, set up push notifications, deliver content, and build back-end services.

AWS Mobile Hub uses a variety of native services, including Amazon Mobile Analytics, Amazon Simple Storage Service, Amazon DynamoDB and Amazon Simple Notification Service, to execute and manage these features.

Demo: Cloud Code in a Mobile App.

The service automatically provisions application resources for projects in iOS Objective-C, iOS Swift or Android operating systems.

A developer creates a project and chooses and implements features; there is no limit to the number of projects a developer can create.

The console enables developers to integrate features into application code and download a quick-start app project that demonstrates those features. AWS Mobile Hub can then test the application and monitor use.

AWS Mobile Hub charges for the underlying services that an application uses, such as events in Amazon Mobile Analytics, storage in Simple Storage Service and function requests in AWS Lambda.

This was last updated in November 2016

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