Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Salesforce Commerce Cloud, formerly called Demandware, is a cloud-based service for unifying the way businesses engage with customers over any channel or device.

As of the fall of 2016, Commerce Cloud had processed $16 billion in merchandise, delivering experiences in 53 countries, and touching more than 300 million unique shoppers.

While Demandware technology underlies Commerce Cloud, it is also strongly linked to other Customer Success Platform clouds, including the Sales, Marketing and Service Clouds, and now Salesforce Einstein, the artificial intelligence platform.

The aim is to enable consumers and stores to provide seamless customer service and experience whether customers are online or in stores. Commerce Cloud does so through the following intertwined principles:

  1. Unified, omnichannel customer journey. Retailers should be able, technology-wise and policy-wise, to service customers whether they are on mobile devices, on customer websites, in stores, on social media, and so forth. Customers should be able to buy products online and return in store, file service issues on social media platforms and expect that information to be visible to a service representative in a contact center.
  2. Customer data integration. Given the proliferation of channels generating this customer data, companies must be ready to integrate data from numerous channels and touchpoints. Data integration now also incorporates Einstein. With its predictive capabilities, Einstein can serve up shopping recommendations to an online shopper based on existing behavior -- even if that shopper isn't logged in as an existing customer. Commerce Cloud can also enlist Einstein's capabilities to bring in social and multimedia-based data to help flesh out consumer profiles, preferences and, hence, to make predictions about these prospects' future behavior.
  3. Seamless, positive customer experience. Commerce Cloud aims to aggregate this data so that consumers can have a better experience as they shop, return items, service merchandise, and so on. The ultimate goal is to provide customers with a positive, engaging customer experience.
This was last updated in October 2016

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