customer experience (CX) automation

Customer experience (CX) automation is any technology that assists customers with common tasks, sometimes replacing the involvement of humans, to improve customer interactions. CX refers to the touchpoints that consumers use to communicate with a brand, such as a social media account, company website or customer service and support (CSS) channels.

CX automation uses technology and systems to improve aspects of customer service, which could include faster Response times, improved efficiency or incorporation of value-added features. It can be implemented during any component of the customer journey to increase engagement, boost retention and improve customer experience overall.

Benefits of CX automation range from lower costs associated with manual labor to improved quality of service. With the rising popularity of Mobile apps and software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions, businesses of all sizes can take advantage of CX automation. CX automation addresses elevated customer needs that come with the current on-demand economy.

However, it is important to incorporate CX automation thoughtfully so as not to negatively affect the brand. Therefore, CX automation must work properly, be personalized and minimize redundancy. For example, if an automated support agent asks a caller for their account number, it is important that once transferred, the human agent does not repeat this question.


Common examples of CX automation tools include:

  • Customer-telephony integration (CTI), which businesses and call centers use to automate the routing of phone calls to the right department.
  • Website chatbots that use artificial intelligence (AI) to engage with customers or sales leads.
  • Self-checkout options used by some retailers.
  • Online banking apps that allow users to deposit a check without visiting a physical branch.
  • Hospitality apps that let users check into or confirm reservations.
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