Supply Chain Operations Reference (SCOR)

Supply Chain Operations Reference (SCOR) is the Supply Chain Council (SCC) official standard for supply chain management diagnostics.

SCOR is broken down into three major segments: process modeling, performance measurements and supply chain best practices. Process modeling breaks down further into five management processes: planning supply chain operations; sourcing goods or services; making or manufacturing products; delivering finished goods; and handling product returns. Under the performance measurements segment, SCOR draws from more than 150 SCC-approved key performance indicators for measuring the success of a supply chain operation. For the supply chain best practices segment, SCOR requires practices meet four requirements: they are current, or not emerging or old-fashioned; they are structured, with clearly stated goals and procedures; they are proven, with success demonstrated in real-world environments; and they are repeatable, or have worked in more than one environment.

This was last updated in October 2012

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