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5 ways AI can help in field service management

AI can help service companies improve their field service management in a myriad of ways. Learn some of the benefits of organizations using AI for this purpose.

AI is now part of many systems, such as enterprise content management software and sales automation tools. Field service management is another area in which AI can help improve operations.

Applying AI to FSM can help streamline company operations and improve customer satisfaction. The tech can also give company leaders better insights into their customer service.

Here are some ways AI can improve field service management.

1. Better knowledge management

Employees that work for service companies must often search for error codes and information about previous problems.

Rather than employees relying solely on keyword searches, AI can analyze a database of issues and product manuals and then provide quick and relevant answers. AI's natural language processing can help interpret users' search terms and intent.

2. Improved maintenance

Many parts, like those for elevators or cars, have predictable failure rates based on historical data and manufacturing specifications.

AI can analyze the maintenance history of parts or equipment and use predictive models to predict when potential failures may occur. This ability enables employees to proactively schedule a replacement or maintenance, which reduces disruption for customers.

3. Improved dispatching and scheduling

Service company employees rely heavily on scheduling tools to preplan service technicians' on-site service visits, but determining the required length of time for service and the location of the next site visit can be a challenge.

AI can analyze a list of customer issues, locations, and type of work required and then provide an optimized route and work order assignment.

4. Reduction in service calls

Customers and technicians often call their main office to ask about schedules, parts availability, work orders and other information. Connecting a chatbot to field service management software enables a web-based or app-based chat interface that retrieves information for customers or technicians.

Chatbots can reduce the amount of work for office employees, including a reduction in customer service calls.

5. Improved data analytics

AI can analyze work order history, scheduling history and other data so company leaders can potentially adjust staffing levels or make other changes.

AI models applied against the data stored within field service management software can provide predictions for upcoming service requests and identify issues like a high volume of repair requests for a particular part.

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