IBM PartnerWorld

IBM PartnerWorld is a program run by IBM that offers resources and benefits to help channel partners promote and sell IBM products.

IBM PartnerWorld has three membership levels: Member, Advanced and Premier.

  • Member-level partners can join by simply completing the online registration form and accepting the IBM PartnerWorld agreement. Partners at this level can access resources for marketing, campaign support, technical support, training discounts and reimbursements, as well as IBM Global Financing. To move to a higher-level membership, an organization must earn points, which can be done in a number of ways: adding certifications, building solutions that are formally validated by IBM, generating revenue, submitting reference stories and achieving high customer satisfaction scores.
  • Advanced-level IBM Business Partners need to reach 10 points, whereas Premier-level must reach 30 points. As an example of the points value of various business transactions or skills demonstrations, revenue of $60,000 in software or $80,000 in services is worth one point; a verified client reference is worth one point; and Advanced or Expert technical certification is worth three points. Advanced members receive the benefits of the Member level, plus access to IBM business intelligence reports; events funding and campaign support funding; product development roadmaps; and the Business Partner Application showcase, which partners can use to find applications for specific industries, specialties or products.
  • Premier-level partners get all the benefits of the Advanced level, plus joint marketing planning, different incentives than the Advanced level and use of the IBM Premier Business Partner emblem.

Members of IBM PartnerWorld can purchase additional benefits, including IBM Value package, which includes certification reimbursement; test vouchers for software sales; access to software for demonstration, testing and development purposes; and remote pre-sales and pre-deployment tech support and technical sales support, for a $2,000 annual fee. For a $795 annual fee, partners can purchase the IBM Software Access Option, which provides download access to software for demonstration, testing and development purposes. And for an annual fee ranging from $1,200 to $3,600 depending on the support level that's chosen, partners can purchase IBM Systems and middleware technical support options for software development.

This was last updated in December 2013

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