TechTarget News - Week of Dec 26, 2010

2010 review: Top 10 women in IT stories

In Computer Weekly's review of the best of the IT year in 2010, here we look back on the top 10 stories about women in IT.

Job change: Kamal Goel moves to FTIL

Kamal Goel of India Infoline (IIFL) goes for a job change and joins Financial Technologies India Limited’s (FTIL’s) Enterprise Solutions Group (ESG).

IT, EHR safety top ECRI list of hospital tech hazards

A recent ECRI Institute report pegs IT safety -- for EHR systems, mobile devices, networks and so on -- as a top patient safety concern for 2011. Alarm fatigue ranks high as well.

2010 Review: Top 10 social media stories

At the start of the year, social networking and collaboration was put at the top of the agenda for CIOs. Despite privacy risks, organisations embraced the use of social media - even to recruit staff - while other top tech firms were criticised for failing to engage with customers through social media channels.

2010 Review: Top 10 cloud computing stories

The IT industry has embraced cloud computing in 2010. Businesses started pilot deployments, while the major suppliers opened new green datacentres around...

Are Oracle DBA jobs at educational institutions the right fit for you?

Read about the pros and cons of working as an Oracle DBA or developer at a college or university, and how salaries, benefits, culture and responsibilities compare to Oracle DBA jobs in other industries.

2010 Review: Top 10 IT outsourcing stories

Outsourcing is a central part of many IT strategies and is set for further growth as the public sector looks to cut costs.

2010 Review: Top 10 financial services IT stories

Financial services firms are the biggest spenders on IT and as such are one of the powerhouses of the UK IT sector. We look back at the top 10 financial services stories from 2010.

Top 10 business intelligence, analytics and CPM stories of 2010

Find out what the top business intelligence (BI), corporate performance management (CPM) and business analytics stories were for 2010 – including SaaS BI, Excel for BI and predictive analytics.

2010 Review: Top 10 broadband stories

2010 has been a critical year for UK broadband as a new government comes in with their own ideas about how to ensure roll-out of next-generation superfast services.

2010 Review: Top 10 networking & mobile stories

The internet is playing an increasingly critical role in business, government and society - and mobile technology is now a must-have for anyone in the workplace.

Manufacturing IT trends may aid global recovery

Analysts predict that embedded analytics, business intelligence and cloud-based collaboration will help manufacturers cope with longer, more complicated supply chains in the coming year.

Top seven data management stories of 2010

The top data management stories of 2010 include SaaS-based data integration, data warehouse appliances, the SAP-Sybase acquisition and more.

2010 Review: Top 10 IT security stories

In Computer Weekly's review of the best of the IT year in 2010, we look back on the top 10 IT security stories for 2010.

2010 Review: Top 10 business software stories

In Computer Weekly's review of the best of the IT year in 2010, here we look back on the top 10 business software stories for 2010. Home...

2010 Review: Top 10 retail IT stories

As online sales have been the only area of consistent growth in the retail sector, many players began to think seriously about their multi-channel offerings...

2010 Review: Top 10 SME IT stories

It's been a tough year for SMEs, with many turning to IT innovation to combat a tough business climate. Read our round-up of the top IT SME stories of 2010.