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Problem Solve Jul 09, 2004

Take command of the command line

Efficiently run your command at will Continue Reading


Problem Solve Jan 14, 2003

Take command of your commands

User-defined commands help simplify your programs. Continue Reading


Problem Solve Dec 04, 2001

Commands with no command source

Do you want to create a command with no command source? Check out this tip to see what solution this user came up with. Continue Reading


Problem Solve Oct 23, 2001

The USRSTAT command

Get an overview of all users in your domain with this handy command. Continue Reading


Manage Jan 21, 2003


Problem Solve Oct 18, 2001

Find any command

Looking for a simple why to find a command? Check out this tip, you'll be happy you did. Continue Reading


By Kent Milligan Get Started May 01, 2008

The SETOBJACC command

The SETOBJACC command loads data into memory, and with abnormal system end, will not prevent changed data from being written to disk. Continue Reading


Problem Solve Jul 12, 2001

Using change cleanup command

Here's a quick tip to run the CHGCLNUP command on the command line. Continue Reading


By Jan Stafford News Apr 06, 2004

Take command of your Linux commands

If you think xargs are Star Trek aliens and cron is their home planet, then you don't have command of your Linux commands. But don't call on that incompetent engineer Scotty to help you. Instead, check out these ... Continue Reading


May 03, 2004

Common iSeries commands

Here's a quick reference guide to command iSeries commands. Continue Reading