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Hyper-V PowerShell commands for every occasion

By Ryann Burnett 06 Oct 2017

Although you can use Hyper-V Manager or SCVMM to manage your host and VMs, Hyper-V PowerShell commands are relatively straightforward and can be used for the same tasks. Read More

Master the Docker command line for container ops

By Alan R. Earls 10 Aug 2017

Docker's command-line interface offers admins granular control over their containers. Keep this list of Docker commands nearby to swiftly navigate containerized environments. Read More

Preserve your AD organizational unit with these commands

By Nirmal Sharma 10 Aug 2017

Active Directory OUs maintain order in an IT organization. But if you're not careful, an errant keystroke can topple everything. Read More

Construct a chain of commands with the PowerShell pipeline

By Adam Bertram 28 Jul 2017

The pipeline in PowerShell connects multiple cmdlets to assemble complex commands to give administrators advanced management control over their systems. Read More

The commanding presence of quiet leaders

By Jason Sparapani 29 Dec 2016

The MIT CFO Summit explores the inverse of the stereotypical extroverted leader and the effect that quiet leaders can have in an organization. Read More

Execute Import-VM and Export-VM PowerShell commands in Hyper-V

By Nirmal Sharma 25 Aug 2017

Although you can use Hyper-V Manager or SCVMM to import and export VMs, it's just as easy to use a couple PowerShell commands to perform those actions. Read More

Command and control communications key to detecting threats

By Warwick Ashford 19 May 2017

Malware command and control (C&C) communications are key to detecting advanced threats, according to a security researcher Read More

Cyber criminals command top-level attacks, warns Check Point

By Warwick Ashford 17 Aug 2017

Businesses need to rethink cyber defences with nation-state attack tools in the hands of ordinary cyber criminals, warns Check Point Read More

So long command line? Automated networking quietly takes over

By Alissa Irei 05 Apr 2017

You might not always see it, but that doesn't mean network automation isn't there ... and as its footprint grows, the command line interface could disappear. Read More