TechTarget News - Week of Jul 07, 2013

Microsoft notches up over 3,000 copyright cases

In its battle against piracy, Microsoft says it has settled 3,265 copyright cases in the past year and warns of links to malware distribution

Head of Universal Credit denies IT problems

Howard Shiplee tells the work and pensions select committee all is well, denying reports of the failing IT system behind Universal Credit

Yahoo wants Fisa objections revealed

Yahoo is the latest company implicated in the Prism internet surveillance programme to call for more transparency around its involvement

Ofcom proposes cuts to wholesale broadband charges

The telecoms regulator wants to reduce the wholesale price BT charges to smaller ISPs, which it hopes will lead to price drops for broadband and landline packages

Indian banks harness big data analysis amid competition

The increasing penetration of broadband and growth in smartphone usage in India are driving the development of IT-based services for bank consumers.

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