TechTarget News - Week of Sep 21, 2014

Ebay slow to react to phishing scam

Ebay has removed malicious links in a listing for iPhones that diverted to a phishing site designed to steal user credentials.

AstraZeneca brings in-house transformation to India

The opening of an IT service centre in Chennai last week will kick off AstraZeneca’s bold insourcing strategy, announced earlier this year, and focus on a trend that is seeing large businesses invest in global delivery operations.

Conventional datacentre skills and tools to limit business growth

IT infrastructure and operations (I&O) skills including capacity planning and performance management, which are widely valued in datacentres, are no longer sufficient to meet business needs in the digital economy era, analyst firm Gartner has warned.

Visa loses mobility director to Apple

Mary Carol Harris, former director of mobile for Visa Europe, has left the firm to take up a position at Apple

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