TechTarget News - Week of Nov 13, 2016

Amber Rudd orders Lauri Love extradition to US to face hacking charges

Engineering student Lauri Love faces trials in three US states and a possible 99-year jail sentence for allegedly hacking into US government computer systems as part of a political protest, despite concerns over his health

Government data security confusing, finds PAC

A Public Accounts Committee hearing shows the government’s data and cyber security landscape is chaotic and confusing

Broadcom Brocade deal leaves questions

This week, bloggers weigh the possible outcomes of the Broadcom Brocade deal and discuss cybersecurity lessons fueled by the 2016 U.S. election.

ASA calls for clarity on broadband speed claims

The Advertising Standards Agency turns its attention to how broadband providers advertise the speed of their packages, amid fears that consumers may be misled

Telenor IoT strategy required core software change

Norwegian telco is expanding its internet of things business, which packages all the components its customers require to offer IoT-based services

Nestlé picks Telefónica to build IoT for coffee machines

Nestlé’s professional business services unit will incorporate internet of things technology into its coffee machines in pursuit of greater efficiency and customer satisfaction

Republican leaders recommend postponing FCC regulations

Following the presidential election, Republican leaders suggest the FCC take a pause in voting on any new FCC regulations. Plus, Facebook turns its attention to telecom.

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