TechTarget News - Week of Feb 26, 2017

NHS ‘mislays’ 500,000 confidential patient documents

Health service accused of a ‘cover-up’ after it came to light that more than half a million documents holding patient data were never delivered to their intended recipients

Cyber criminals net £8bn from financial services in 2016

Organised cyber fraud gangs are turning their attention to online lenders and emerging financial services, potentially netting £8bn in 2016, a report reveals

IBM flash storage key to turnaround, says GM Walsh

Ed Walsh takes over as general manager of IBM storage to reignite sales. He says customers 'challenged by disruption' turn to flash storage to modernize IT.

Edge and IE vulnerability disclosed by Project Zero

Google Project Zero's 90-day disclosure policy bites Microsoft again, as a zero-day Edge and IE vulnerability is made public before a patch is available.

Yahoo breaches underline executive role in cyber security

Yahoo's data breaches cost its top lawyer his job, CEO Marissa Mayer millions in bonuses, and $350m off its sale price, highlighting the importance of executive involvement

Tintri storage strategy shoots straight at public cloud

Tintri's storage is evolving to help customers utilize cloud-based services. Tintri added synchronous replication to its VM-aware VMstore arrays and plans to integrate AWS support.

Businesses blame rivals for DDoS attacks

Industrial sabotage is considered to be the most likely reason behind a distributed denial of service attack, a study has revealed

AWS claims human error to blame for US cloud storage outage

Cloud services giant says an input error by an engineer is what led to large numbers of users being unable to use its cloud storage services for several hours on Tuesday 28 February

Cyber attack on Barts NHS trust exploited zero-day vulnerability

A cyber attack that forced parts of Barts NHS trust offline in January 2017 has been blamed on previously unknown malware that was able to bypass the antivirus systems, highlighting a common weakness in cyber defences

Versa Networks' SD-WAN platform now supports IPv6

In SDN news, Versa Networks announces SD-WAN that supports IPv6, and ONUG releases the speaker lineup for its upcoming spring conference, hosted in San Francisco on April 25-26.

Cloudflare security team calms fears over Cloudbleed bug

Cloudflare security researchers continue investigations as CEO calms fears over potential exposure of sensitive personal data by the Cloudbleed bug, though doubts remain.

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