TechTarget News - Week of Apr 16, 2017

CenturyLink eyes APAC managed security market

Managed services supplier CenturyLink will be investing in infrastructure and headcount to support the growing demand for managed security services in APAC

SAP S/4 Hana gains traction in APAC

While SAP now counts companies such as China’s Ameco Beijing as clients, it is also going all out to address hitches that stand in the way of wider adoption of its S/4 Hana software

First MariaDB user conference hails renaissance of relational model

At its inaugural user conference in New York, MariaDB corporation leaders Michael Howard and Monty Widenius say the open source relational database model finds its moment beyond NoSQL phase

Sarah Wilkinson to head up NHS Digital

Home Office chief digital, data and technology officer Sarah Wilkinson is leaving the department to lead NHS Digital as its CEO

Microsoft underlines importance of keeping software updated

Microsoft has underlined the importance of keeping software up to date by confirming that no supported versions of its software are vulnerable to leaked NSA hacking tools

UCC market evolution driven by digital transformation

In UC news, a report finds digital transformation initiatives are driving the UCC market, while CoreDial and VeloCloud partner to bring SD-WAN features to cloud UC services.

Robotic automation takes off in the Nordics

Software robots are rapidly automating traditionally manual tasks at enterprises across the Nordic region

Catalogic ECX supports more databases for DevOps

Catalogic adds support for SAP HANA and healthcare database programs to ECX. The company is focusing its ECX copy data management software for DevOps use cases.

Conflicting advice blurs cyber safety

Companies are being overloaded with information about cyber threats and complain of a lack of relevant advice

E8 Storage scales higher with new HGST NVMe SSDs

E8 qualifies HGST SN200 6.4 TB PCIe drives for D24 NVMe all-flash system. The 2U enclosure houses 24 SSDs and scales to 140 TB of usable capacity.

Promise Technology VSkyCube HCI handles cloud migration

VSkyCube is Promise Technology's hyper-converged infrastructure for midsize businesses and cloud hosting providers. VSkyMotion moves storage between Promise hardware and AWS.

Australia to abolish visa for skilled workers

The Australian government will replace the 457 visa programme with temporary skills visas to stem the loss of jobs that could go to Australians

How tech teams can reduce LGBT+ university dropout

The number of students in the LGBT community who consider dropping out of university is higher than the average, but IT teams can make some small changes which will make a big difference to this figure

People present the biggest challenge, say infosec professionals

More than 80% of security professionals identify people as the industry’s biggest challenge, but companies are becoming better prepared to deal with cyber breaches, a survey reveals

Ofcom: Openreach must do more on duct and pole access

Ofcom releases more detailed proposals to enable CSPs to access Openreach’s national network infrastructure for fibre broadband roll out

How to ensure tech staff gain ‘essential soft skills’

Nottingham Trent University’s infrastructure services manager explains how she has made sure her technology team have the essential soft skills they need to support users

ASEAN enterprises facing mobility roadblocks

An IDC survey commissioned by Red Hat reveals organisations in the ASEAN region lack mobile-specific skills and tend to approach mobility projects in an ad-hoc manner

PAC concerned Emergency Services Network will be undeliverable

The new Emergency Services Network could be delayed until September 2020, which could lead to the country being without the service for six months as a post-March 2020 extension of the current contract may not be possible

Information security key to digital era business models

Security will become increasingly important as industries seek to collaborate and use each other’s capabilities to enable new business models, with the banking sector leading the way

Hajime worm fights the forces of evil IoT malware, maybe

News roundup: The Hajime worm is the nicer, sneakier brother of Mirai malware. Plus, the FBI and CIA hunt for the Vault 7 whistleblower, Symantec adds to Zscaler lawsuit, and more.

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