TechTarget News - Week of May 14, 2017

Toys R Us introduces tablets for store staff

Toy and games retailer Toys R Us is trialling the use of tablets for store assistance to provide a better customer service experience

Attackers have no need of zero-days, breach data shows

Cyber attackers do not have to use previously unseen or extremely sophisticated attacks to bypass defences, analysis of publicly reported breaches in the past year reveals

WannaCry ransomware prompts legacy MS17-010 patch

Microsoft responds to WannaCry ransomware with an MS17-010 patch for legacy systems as new ransomware variants spread to more countries around the globe.

Microsoft slams NSA over cyberweapon in WannaCry ransomware

Microsoft blames the U.S. government for cyberweapon stockpiling as WannaCry ransomware infections continue to spread, though some experts say Microsoft shares responsibility.

Q&A: Talking bug bounty programs with Bugcrowd's Casey Ellis

As bug bounty programs become more mainstream, Bugcrowd founder and CEO Casey Ellis offers insights into rewards, best practices and tips for getting the most bang for the buck.

Western Digital ships enterprise SAS-based 3D NAND SSDs

Tired of waiting for NVMe? Western Digital's HGST Ultrastar-branded 12 Gbps SAS-based 3D NAND SSDs target high-performance virtual, database, analytics and cloud workloads.

OpenStack Ocata storage projects add enterprise features

The Cinder, Swift and Manila OpenStack storage projects focused on performance, stability, scalability and enterprise-level capabilities in the latest Ocata release cycle.

SAP wants to be cloud leader in APAC by 2020

The business software supplier expects its cloud portfolio to contribute at least a third of its revenues in a region that includes key markets such as Australia, Japan and Southeast Asia

Vulnerabilities Equities Process may be law with PATCH Act

The bipartisan PATCH Act aims to codify the Vulnerabilities Equities Process into law in the wake of a global ransomware attack based on a stolen NSA cyberweapon.

Strong cyber security posture reduces impact of breaches

There is a direct correlation between data breaches and falls in stock prices, but the impact is lighter on companies with good cyber security, a study has revealed

Micron Ceph block storage expands NVMe configurations

Micron Ceph storage comes as a four-node storage cluster that incorporates object features of Red Hat's Jewel release. A single cluster scales to 96 TB of effective capacity.

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