TechTarget News - Week of Dec 10, 2017

Australian genome researchers solving big data problems

Researchers at the Commonwealth Scientific and Research Organisation have developed a cloud-based tool to look for the needle in a haystack in what they have described as the "datafication of everything"

Bumps in the road ahead for Nordic cashless societies

Sweden and Norway are global leaders when it comes to reducing the use of cash in the economy – but what about the Nordic region as a whole?

Hitz: NetApp market growth hinges on cloud, data management

Storage stalwart NetApp celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2017. NetApp founder Dave Hitz reflects on its evolution and the impact of Cloud OnTap, Data Fabric and SolidFire HCI.

Innovation key to halt cyber attacks

In the light of the number of cyber breaches taking place, innovative security systems are required, according to the UK National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC)

1.4 billion stolen credentials found on dark web

A massive repository containing more than 1.4 billion stolen credentials was found on the dark web with special features for malicious actors.

Quantum Xcellis scale-out NAS tackles unstructured data

Quantum's new system takes on scale-out NAS and object markets. The vendor says its Xcellis NAS tier will scale from 40 TB to petabytes without a performance hit.

HP is running its global print supplies production from Singapore

The personal computing and printer giant has opened a facility in Singapore to oversee over 50 print supplies manufacturing lines and test the use of robots, data analytics and 3D printing to improve production efficiency

Misconfigured Amazon S3 buckets expose sensitive data

Amazon has built more security functions for S3 buckets after cybersecurity firms uncovered a worrisome trend of IT administrators failing to properly secure them.

Free phone service could boost Dialpad's UCaaS status

UCaaS provider Dialpad is offering a free cloud telephony service that integrates with G Suite, while a new partner program offers Workplace by Facebook support.

Top cyber security predictions in APAC in 2018

Cyber criminals will ramp up efforts to mine cryptocurrencies, while mobile malware will rear its ugly head across the APAC region in 2018

Triton framework used in industrial control attacks

Security researchers discovered new ICS attacks using the Triton framework that may have been nation-state-sponsored and intended to cause real-world damage.

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