TechTarget News - Week of Apr 08, 2018

Microsoft teams up with Japan’s JRCS on mixed reality

Software giant Microsoft has partnered with a Japanese supplier of maritime systems to test the use of HoloLens headsets for training and maintenance work

Facebook data scandal a game changer, says ICO

Facebook’s controversial data sharing with London-based data mining firm Cambridge Analytica is a game changer, according to the UK’s privacy watchdog

Channel roundup: Who's gone where?

Another busy seven days in the channel with movement at all levels as fresh blood is ushered into senior roles

AWS developer tools ease security, machine learning pains

AWS technology evangelist Jeff Barr surveys the technology needs addressed by new security and ML-focused AWS developer tools disclosed at AWS Summit 2018, such as Secrets Manager.

Cyber threat to UK business greater than ever, report reveals

The cyber threat to UK business is “bigger than ever” and the best way to defend against it is collaboration between government, law enforcement and business, a report shows

Ransomware top cyber threat, DBIR shows

Ransomware remains the top cyber security threat to organisations, humans continue to be significant weakness and HR departments are a top target, according to the latest Verizon Data breach investigations report

What Amazon’s ideal robot looks like

Robots should be available at the fingertips and work in tandem with humans and other machines to improve task efficiency, says the chief technologist of Amazon Robotics

HMV pivots from legacy MPLS to SD-WAN

Record retailer HMV goes all-in on a Cisco Meraki software-defined network to cut costs and improve its network resiliency

NHS trust dumps SANs for Tintri VM-aware storage

Move to Tintri hybrid flash VM-aware storage allows Imperial College trust to redeploy HPE 3PAR SAN storage and cut storage admin and trouble-shooting to almost zero

Cyber criminals earn up to $2m a year, study shows

Academic study reveals just how lucrative cyber crime can be, with top-level cyber criminals out-earning government leaders and university graduates

KDDI Europe picks Silver Peak SD-WAN for managed service

KDDI Europe makes its move in managed SD-WAN, supported by Silver Peak SD-WAN; Lumina Networks updates its Flow Manager product to support service providers transitioning to SDN.

Mobile phishing a growing threat, warns report

Phishing on mobile devices is a growing threat to business as attacks move beyond email to text messages and apps

WebAuthn API gets standards nod from W3C, FIDO Alliance

W3C and the FIDO Alliance have given websites a new tool for doing FIDO-compliant authentication, as the WebAuthn authentication protocol is promoted to W3C Candidate Recommendation.

Apple claims global operations now run on 100% renewable power

Four years after hitting its 100% renewable power goal in its datacentre estate, consumer electronics giant Apple claims to have replicated the feat across its entire business

Oracle CX Cloud adds AI tools for B2C, B2B customers

Oracle announces infusion of its Adaptive Intelligent apps into several CX Cloud products and promises more to come, with sales, marketing and service all getting upgrades.

Pay as you go with new Cisco Tetration analytics SaaS

The latest versions of Cisco Tetration analytics include a software-as-a-service offering with pay-as-you-go pricing. Cisco is also offering a software-only version.

Windows out-of-band patches overshadow April Patch Tuesday

Microsoft delivered out-of-band security patches to address the Total Meltdown and malware engine exploits as a precursor to its regularly scheduled April Patch Tuesday fixes.

Australia needs to plug innovation gap

Being at the crossroads of technological change, Australia should decide if it wants to be a producer of cutting-edge applications or be contented with just being a user of technology

UK to launch crackdown on dark web

The UK is to enhance its specialist law enforcement response to crack down on criminals operating on the dark web

NSA calls for cyber security community collaboration

A US National Security Agency (NSA) representative has called for cyber security community collaboration at the National Cyber Security Centre’s conference in Manchester

GCHQ to set up shop in Manchester

UK intelligence, security and cyber agency GCHQ is expanding its network of UK sites to north west England

Probrand launches online marketplace

The firm has put its faith in an online marketplace offering users the chance to procure thousands of products

MEF launches SDN certification and specs for Presto APIs

MEF worked with The Linux Foundation and ETSI to develop an NFV and SDN certification to focus on related knowledge and skills. Meantime, MEF published specs for its Presto APIs.

Edge computing, cloud data centers drive decentralized IT

This week, bloggers explore the growth of decentralized IT, thanks to edge computing; Infoblox DNS security updates; and how machine learning is becoming a feature, rather than a product.

Tesco online grocery sales up 5.1%

After ninth consecutive quarter of growth, CEO says supermarket chain is “on track to deliver our medium-term ambitions”

Microsoft Teams roadmap includes tighter Skype integration

Microsoft has tightened interoperability between Skype for Business and Teams. So far, the vendor has largely kept pace with its Microsoft Teams roadmap for 2018.

Computer vision, machine learning skills help fuel surge in AI jobs

A report by the world's No. 1 job site, Indeed, finds there are more AI jobs than ever, but job-seeker interest is leveling out. What accounts for the dwindling enthusiasm among job hunters?

CBI calls on government to get post-Brexit regulations right

Ensuring the UK gets rules and regulations right is key to a thriving economy, and convergence with the digital single market is critical for tech companies, according to the CBI

Flow logs sharpen visibility into GCP network

Google Cloud juiced up its networking capabilities with the addition of VPC Flow Logs. It's an important feature for enterprises accustomed to these insights on their own networks.

Ransomware threat tops Verizon Data Breach Report

After years of climbing the ranks in the Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report, the ransomware threat has finally taken the top spot as the most prevalent malware type.

Kaseya backup takes on Office 365 with Spanning's help

Kaseya Office 365 Backup is integrated deeply with the vendor's remote monitoring and management software. Spanning's cloud-to-cloud technology provides the muscle behind it.

PepsiCo hires robots to interview job candidates

The food and drinks multinational is using artificial intelligence software, known as Robot Vera, to phone and interview candidates as it seeks to fill vacancies for factory, sales workers and drivers in Russia

22 European countries sign up to blockchain partnership

The UK and 21 other countries have signed a declaration aiming to share blockchain experience and expertise across Europe, as well as preparing to launch EU-wide blockchain applications

Machine learning is the new normal: AWS

Cloud supplier AWS wants to put machine learning capabilities into the hands of more people in the nascent market for cloud-based AI services

Slack Enterprise Grid adds security, compliance tools

More than 150 large companies are already using Slack Enterprise Grid. The vendor views scalability and security as key to winning more customers for its premium product.

Emergencies force Safelite to break glass, add NetApp FlexPod

An auto glass supplier chooses FlexPod to consolidate and retire aging storage from several vendors. NetApp AFF supports VMware, and SolidFire arrays support growing claims management.

XenApp 6.5 end of life spurs IT to rethink app delivery

A few factors come into play that may make a XenApp migration not as easy as it looks for some organizations. Planning and testing will help IT handle version 6.5 end of life.

GCHQ growing cyber capability to match threat

GCHQ continues to grow and develop its cyber capability to match the rapidly expanding and evolving threat landscape, says agency director

IDC: Steady growth for IT infrastructure products spending

IDC maps growth in IT infrastructure products spending, cPacket beefs up monitoring for 40 Gbps and 100 Gbps networks, and Dell agrees to resell Metaswitch's composables package.

Cyber security a shared responsibility, says Amber Rudd

The UK home secretary has emphasised that cyber security is a shared responsibility and committed to promote EU cyber cooperation post-Brexit at the National Cyber Security Centre’s conference in Manchester

Measure your digital marketing ROI, keep your job

Oracle customers weigh in on executive's hypothesis that analytics can now prove ROI of the martech stack -- or soon will -- and make marketing a revenue center just like sales.

GDPR: Many firms nowhere near ready

There are slightly more than 40 days to go until GDPR is introduced and many customers are still not ready

Cybersecurity AI hype matures at RSAC 2018

Top submissions to the RSA Conference 2018 indicate that the hype cycle around cybersecurity AI may be maturing, while diversity gets a lower ranking on the hot topic list.

EU-US data sharing under threat as Irish court refers Facebook case to Europe

The Irish High Court is seeking answers from the European Court of Justice in a case that could have huge implications for EU-US data sharing and raises questions about US government surveillance of EU citizens. The move could bring a five-year legal battle between Austrian lawyer Max Schrems and Facebook to a close

A UPnP vulnerability hides bad traffic in a new way

News roundup: Home routers are susceptible to a UPnP vulnerability that proxies bad traffic in a new way. Plus, AMD and Microsoft released patches for the Spectre flaw, and more.

Cisco eyes blockchain messaging for better security

The decentralized data storage method of blockchain could make enterprise group messaging more secure. Cisco is among the vendors investigating the promise of blockchain messaging.

AT&T mobile 5G network falling short

The latest update on AT&T's mobile 5G network trials indicates the company will need to work faster to meet its goal of launching a commercial service by the end of the year.

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