TechTarget News - Week of May 13, 2018

IoT and personal devices pose huge security risk to enterprises

After years of speculation about the risk IoT and personal devices pose to enterprise security, research has revealed the threat is “immense” and probably greater than most firms realise

Wise conference 2018: Tackling the female patent problem

Research by Wise found fewer than 10% of patents filed in the UK have involvement from women. At its annual conference in 2018, Wise set out to discuss why this is the case and how we can address it

Channel roundup: Who's gone where?

Time for some of the industry veterans to shine as their knowledge is in high demand in firms operating across the channel

Technology continues to transform crime, warns NCA

The UK’s National Crime Agency warns that developments in technology will continue to transform the future crime landscape, in its latest report on serious and organised crime

Inside the rise of ST Telemedia Global Data Centres

A blended strategy of building and acquiring datacentres, as well as forming local partnerships, has contributed to the rapid rise of one of the fastest-growing datacentre providers in Asia

FBI: Business email compromise tops $676 million in losses

Verizon's Data Breach Investigations Report indicates an increase in ransomware while the FBI's Internet Crime Report shows a downward trend, with business email compromise on the rise.

Google buys Velostrata to take the lead on cloud migrations

The latest Google acquisition is all about the enterprise market, as it aims to fold in Velostrata to ease the transition from private data centers to its public cloud.

No need to panic about Efail attacks

Initial reports about vulnerabilities in email encryption technologies have urged organisations to disable encryption tools, but some security experts are taking a more balanced approach

Vodafone CEO Colao steps down

Long-serving Vodafone CEO Vittorio Colao will step down in October after just over a decade in charge

TSB refused help from Lloyds as IT meltdown began

TSB turned down an offer of help from Lloyds Banking Group as the migration of customers accounts to its new banking system went wrong

The NHS is failing to deliver 'basic IT', says Matthew Swindells

NHS England’s national director for operations and information calls for the NHS to get to grips with data, and says it won’t be able to deliver an integrated health and care system without getting the basics right

ADP payments card system aimed at millennials

ADP introduced the new Wisely Pay card system aimed at the contingent, young workforce and workers who may be unbanked, but need functions such as digital mobile wallet.

Cross-site scripting a top vulnerability, hackers find

Despite the much-publicised advances in cyber attack techniques, a well-known, well-documented and avoidable vulnerability is still the most popular for attackers to exploit – along with others like it that are often overlooked, white hat hackers reveal

Credential theft a top priority, Rapid 7 report shows

Credential theft is still a top priority for organisations to address in terms of making it more difficult for cyber attackers to gain unauthorised access to their networks, report reveals

Server maker IXsystems sets sail with new TrueNAS flagship

The vendor claims shipments of its storage systems recently surpassed an exabyte of combined capacity. TrueNAS M-Series is a new high-end system with DRAM, NVDIMM and NVMe.

Asigra backup targets ransomware 'Attack-Loop'

Version 14 of Asigra Cloud Backup features a partnership with security vendors to help find ransomware in backups. New variants can stay dormant until the data recovery process.

HubSpot customer service tool Service Hub aims to transform SMBs

HubSpot's Service Hub, the new customer service product, aims at helping small and medium businesses complete the view of the customer, combined with the company's sales and marketing products.

Recruiting online giants turn to new technologies

Technology is driving major changes to the recruiting online market. and have deployed new job search technologies to improve job seeker experience.

Google opens third availability zone in Singapore

The latest Google Cloud Platform availability zone in Singapore follows recent efforts by rivals to extend their lead in the region

US considers UK-style cyber defence model

The US is considering adopting a similar cyber defence model to the UK’s in recognition of the growing threat to all levels of society

BT and EE to converge fibre broadband, 4G networks

BT’s consumer unit has launched a network convergence strategy designed to make the most of its national fibre and 4G network assets

Most firms see GDPR as an opportunity

A growing number of organisations consider the GDPR to be an opportunity to improve the way they handle data privacy and security, while leaders are using it as an opportunity for full business transformation, a study shows

Build a culture of innovation on PaaS platforms

Tech execs from Deutsche Bank and Experian at the Red Hat Summit in San Francisco shared their thoughts on reaping the benefits of PaaS platforms by addressing the risks head-on.

AI is more than just doing things cheaper and faster

Choose the parts of AI to deploy to demonstrate return-on-investment and differentiate your brand, says Volkswagen Australia’s chief customer officer

GDPR impact on Whois data raising concern

The negative impact of the GDPR on internet domain registration information is raising concern in cyber security circles because the data is key to cyber crime fighting operations

Report highlights security risk of open source code to business

Increased adoption of open source code is introducing vulnerabilities into commercial software, with many audited codebases containing the Apache Struts flaw that enabled the Equifax breach, a report shows

Ex-DWP IT contractor wins IR35 case appeal against HMRC

Tribunal judge rules terms of contractor's engagement with the Department for Work and Pensions means HMRC was wrong to pursue a £26,000 claim for unpaid income tax and national insurance contributions

Protection from ransomware requires layered backup, DR

A strategy for protection and successful recovery from ransomware includes everything from monitoring tools to offline storage. Organizations should use multiple methods.

Serverless infrastructure calls for updated IT ops expertise

IT ops participation is necessary for successful serverless infrastructure management, but operations pros will need to sharpen their skills in systems engineering and infrastructure as code.

Use GDPR to propel business forward, says ICO

GDPR is about a new way of doing things that businesses can use to their advantage, and cyber security is a key element, according to the Information Commissioner’s Office

Government to get new digital visa service

The Home Office has signed up to a deal with Sopra Steria for a visa service allowing people to use biometrics and digital files as part of their application

BYOD in UK SMEs linked to security incidents

Bring your own device practices have been identified as a cyber security risk for six in 10 SMEs in research published a week ahead of the GDPR compliance deadline

RingCentral, SD-WAN vendors team up to deliver UCaaS

SD-WAN services can improve the flow of cloud-based communications across the network. Now, one UCaaS vendor is looking to capitalize on the software-defined technology.

Three ditches 3G mobile phones

Three has become the first of the big four UK mobile operators to stop selling 3G mobile devices

Most UK marketers GDPR ready, but not all firms have a plan

Most UK marketers believe they are ready for GDPR, but a worrying number believe their employers may not be, as businesses are urged to embrace the positives a week before the compliance deadline

IT pros test out fresh crop of serverless monitoring tools

Serverless monitoring is still more of an art than a science, but tools that offer comprehensive insight into serverless infrastructure dependencies are in development.

NCSC calls for greater interaction with UK business

The UK’s cyber security agency has called for greater interaction with business, particularly when it comes to cyber security incidents

FireEye Helix, revamped pricing spark channel business

Security vendor FireEye has revamped pricing, expanded rebates and is looking to bolster FireEye partners with service opportunities around FireEye Helix; other news from the week.

Telegrab malware threatens Telegram desktop users

News roundup: Telegrab malware enables hackers to grab encryption keys and browser credentials from Telegram sessions. Plus, DHS released its new cybersecurity strategy, and more.

Google acquisition aims to simplify big data projects

Google Cloud analytics tools are well-regarded for their technology, but not necessarily for their ease of use. Google's acquisition of Cask Data could solve that shortcoming.

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