TechTarget News - Week of Aug 19, 2018

Why networking is the last frontier of IT automation

Most organisations still manage networks manually, despite the cost and time needed in doing so, primarily because the impact of breaking something is much higher

Gartner recommends CIOs get skilled up on deep learning

There may be some wacky predictions in Gartner's emerging trends hype cycle, but AI and even quantum computing need to be taken seriously right now

LAN3 positioning for a software defined future

The networking specialist is celebrating its 10th birthday and has seen plenty of changes in the networking market since it started in 2008

Planned Australian law raises tech firms’ security concerns

A digital industry group representing some of the world’s largest tech firms is opposed to proposed Australian laws aimed at compelling them to help security agencies and police

CompTIA issues mixed channel report

The industry group has found that the channel is facing some constraints in its mission to grow

NHS trusts lose nearly 10,000 patient records a year

Report calls for NHS trusts to work to abolish handwritten notes in hospitals to prevent loss of personal documents and to introduce a patient identity protocol

Adept picks up Shift F7

This is turning out to be a summer of reseller consolidation in the channel with another deal being struck

StorageCraft launches OneXafe scale-out backup appliances

Product revamp sees firm launch OneXafe scale-out secondary and primary storage with ShadowXafe data protection software in backup appliance for physical and virtual environments

Box AI, workflow automation strategies about to unfold

Box is set to reveal new AI and workflow automation tools to add to its cloud content services platform -- technology seen as key to the vendor's future.

NAND flash manufacturers showcase new technologies

Get up to speed on new NAND flash technologies, including Toshiba Memory's XL-Flash, startup Yangtze Memory's Xtacking, and SK Hynix's so-called 4D NAND.

Microsoft announces free election cyber defence tools

Microsoft has revealed it recently disrupted domains associated with a Russian cyber attack group believed to be targeting US political groups ahead of the midterm elections

Estonia targets UK tech talent

Estonian businesses are trying to close the country’s IT skills gap by targeting UK IT professionals as part of a recruitment campaign

Retail and finance top cyber targets

Retail and finance remain the top cyber attack targets, but the second quarter also saw a spike in attacks against the manufacturing industry and an increase in remote desktop attacks, a report reveals

Government departments are exploring new tech, according to GDS report

A GDS-commissioned report has found artificial intelligence and blockchain are the most popular among emerging technologies in government, but projects are often done in silos and departments risk “reinventing the wheel”

Veritas aims to boost NetBackup with simplified UI and setup

Two decades-old enterprise product upgraded with backups that can be set in three clicks, down from 30, plus instant VM workload recovery and capacity monitoring and planning

Dell EMC PowerEdge MX teases 'kinetic' compute and storage

Dell EMC composes its MX composable infrastructure story around SAS storage sleds that slide into in a single 14th generation 7U PowerEdge chassis, with OpenManage software.

New Cohesity backup adds Helios SaaS management

The new Cohesity SaaS app lets users view, manage and make changes to secondary data and applications across multiple clusters through a single dashboard.

Online crime costs more than $1m a minute

More than $1m is lost to cyber crime every minute, a report reveals, underlining the increasing and significant threats businesses face online

Windfarm benefit fund helps pay for full-fibre broadband

A number of communities in the Highlands are using benefit funds established by a local windfarm provider to pay for full-fibre broadband services

Gartner Catalyst 2018: A future without data centers?

Cloud computing advancements have led some organizations to consider eliminating their data centers. Here are strategies to determine which applications are cloud-ready.

Veritas NetBackup upgrade includes facelift

Veritas gives the grande dame of data protection a facelift, making NetBackup more intuitive and visually appealing to capture backup newbies, as well as the grizzled vets.

New Zealand to run national cyber security exercise

The island-nation will test the resilience of its critical infrastructure in November 2018, bringing together multiple agencies to protect assets of national significance

NHS Digital plans for £450m GP IT framework

A framework for GP IT systems and services will replace the GP Systems of Choice (GPSoC) contract and aims to make procurement easier for suppliers and primary care providers

Superdrug denies data breach

Superdrug has warned online customers it believes may have had personal details exposed, but claims its systems were not compromised, in what could be the first GDPR-related extortion attempt

Newisys bare metal NVMe box targets performance market

Former OEM supplier come out of stealth with dual-server box that can mount 56 NVMe drives for hyperscale datacentres or build-your-own NVMe shared storage hardware

Nearly a third of organisations still not GDPR ready

As the UK and other states implement the EU’s GDPR, many organisations admit they are still not fully compliant, but most claim to be able to respond to data subject access requests

Approaches for embedding human ethics in AI systems

Instilling ethics in AI systems is a low priority for CIOs aiming to harness the power of machine intelligence. That's a mistake, warned Darin Stewart at the Gartner Catalyst event.

European cloud adopters still lack basic security

Despite outpacing the rest of the world, the majority of organisations adopting cloud in Europe, the Middle East and Africa lack basic security, a report reveals

Cisco wants to help developers build Webex integrations

Cisco has revamped the Cisco DevNet page for Webex Meetings. The development of additional Webex integrations should make the platform more attractive to businesses.

Igneous Systems rocks unstructured data protection for NAS

Igneous expands its integrations with network-attached storage, aiming to offer easier, unified backup of unstructured data. Volume and complexity of that data can be challenging.

Arista CloudVision gets multi-cloud, NSX security features

Arista CloudVision will soon be able to distribute security policies across Amazon, Google and Microsoft public clouds. Other upcoming features include VMware NSX integration.

Danish government in ambitious datacentre push

Denmark offers many natural benefits for organisations looking to build datacentres in Europe, and a soon-to-be-completed connection to the US will make it even more attractive

KT shows off 5G’s potential at Asian Games

The South Korean telecoms bigwig is showcasing a host of 5G applications at the Asian Games in the run up to the commercial launch of its 5G network next year

No Deal Brexit papers warn of stark future for UK tech

The government has published the first of its No Deal Brexit contingency planning notices, containing sobering messages for the UK technology industry

Cryptographic agility is key to post-quantum security

Although post-quantum security is not an issue for all organisations today, an expert believes that those needing to ensure data is secure for decades to come should aim to achieve cryptographic agility above all else

HiveIO seeks to create buzz in HCI market

HiveIO says artificial intelligence makes its Hive Fabric's Message Bus management unique; now, the HCI startup must prove it's really AI and not just an AI-wash.

Laura Noren advocates data science ethics for employee info

Expert Laura Norén believes companies should be held to standards of data science ethics both when it comes to customer data and also for the data collected about employees.

ClearSky Data launches service for VMware Cloud on AWS

New service from Boston-based startup ClearSky enables VMware Cloud on AWS customers to back up and archive data in Amazon's object-based Simple Storage Service.

StorageCraft update adds converged appliance, data protection

StorageCraft’s new OneXafe converged primary, secondary and backup appliance and ShadowXafe data protection software replace the vendor's OneBlox and ShadowProtect products.

Corbyn suggests tech tax to fund BBC

Labour leader says big technology companies and ISPs should contribute to a fund for public interest journalism

Algolia partners with integrators, digital agencies

A new channel partner ecosystem featuring systems integrators and digital agencies is forming around Algolia search technology; other news of the week.

CMS Distribution joins GTDC ranks

The storage specialist is among the latest wave of members that have joined the membership ranks of the Global Technology Distribution Council

Amazon Chime app adds dial-out, single sign-on features

The Amazon Chime app has new dial-out and single sign-on features, but the cloud-based messaging and meetings platform still trails rivals, including Cisco Webex and Zoom.

UK universities targeted by Iranian hackers

UK universities are among those targeted by a cyber threat group associated with the Iranian government

Acronis True Image backup tackles cyber protection

Acronis True Image 2019 takes on security issues, including still-prevalent ransomware attacks. The consumer and SMB software also adds backup cleanup and a recovery 'Survival Kit.'

The message from Gartner Catalyst 2018? Just do it

IT can no longer let organizational dysfunction get in the way of digital progress. At Gartner Catalyst 2018, IT pros were urged not to wait to be told what to do.

NSA leaker Reality Winner sentenced to five years in jail

NSA leaker Reality Winner sentenced to 63 months in prison for releasing classified documents detailing an attack by the Russian military against U.S. election systems.

Box admins get a deeper view with Insights Dashboard

In the GDPR era, compliance and security become heightened concerns. Box Insights Dashboard gives administrators a look into enterprise cloud activity.

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