TechTarget News - Week of Aug 11, 2019

Atos, Nice inContact partner to offer cloud contact center

Atos will integrate CXone with Circuit and sell it as Cloud Contact Center-powered by CXone. Customers will still have the option of Atos' on-premises contact center platform.

TACC updates archive with Quantum tape technology

TACC added a Quantum tape library to its Ranch long-term storage system for better space allocation control and to replace an aging Oracle HSM-based archive system.

Phishing top security threat to business

A new Telefónica security service for business shows that phishing is the most-blocked threat and smaller businesses are a popular attack target in the first two months of deployment

New Formulus Black CEO talks up persistent memory tech

New Formulus Black CEO's past work at Oracle cued him into the need for performance-boosting memory technology to address CPU and I/O constraints in data-heavy workloads.

Cloud is driving force behind 2019 ERP industry trends

Interest in deploying ERP systems to the cloud continued to increase in 2019, but deployments may be slowed by misunderstanding and uncertainty about vendor roadmaps and costs.

Conversica AI platform receives upgrades for productivity

Conversica's AI platform, Conversica, received upgrades that are intended to personalize communication with customers and improve productivity.

Why cyber insurance policies are so 'ridiculously cheap'

The cyber insurance market is growing rapidly and policies are incredibly inexpensive -- but experts at Black Hat 2019 had concerns about those low prices.

Microsoft teams up with India’s Jio in cloud push

Microsoft and Indian telecoms giant Jio will deliver cloud infrastructure services through two new datacentres being built in Gujarat and Maharashtra

UK businesses still overlooking human element in security

Most UK businesses are still failing to address the human element in cyber security as part of an integrated approach, exposing themselves unnecessarily to cyber criminal attacks, a study shows

Cray exascale computer to modernize aging nuclear weapon stockpile

The U.S. is buying an exascale system from Cray Inc., its third from the company which is now being acquired by HPE. The $600 million system will be used in nuclear weapons development.

Vodafone switches on 5G in Ireland

The first 5G sites in Ireland have gone live in Cork, Dublin, Galway, Limerick and Waterford

Breach cost $53m in Q2, says Desjardins

Credit union cooperative Desjardins reveals that a data breach in June cost the company $53m in the second quarter, but that could be just the start, warn industry commentators

Scale Computing HC3 gaining an enterprise foothold, CEO says

Scale Computing founder and CEO Jeff Ready claims demand for HC3 is pulling the vendor into more enterprise use cases as edge-created data prompts companies to consolidate IT.

HS2 rolls out augmented reality for staff training

Immersive technology will support processes around the development of high-speed railway’s London super hub before it is built

Government drives surge in outsourcing spend

Back-office transformation is a key area of focus for the government as new deals continue to flow despite economic uncertainty, according to research

Samsung-Microsoft partnership will benefit end users

The capabilities that come with connecting your smartphone to your PC can have substantial benefits for end users, according to analysts, as Samsung and Microsoft partner.

Google wants Project Zero to be part of an open alliance

After five years of running Project Zero, Google wants to expand the scope to an open alliance of vulnerability researchers all working toward the same goal to 'make 0day hard.'

Intraprise Health platform strengthens healthcare security

Intraprise Health introduced new software designed to prevent healthcare security breaches by monitoring third-party risks across the enterprise and improving security management processes.

SCC investing in the future

Channel player delivers solid set of numbers for its fiscal year at the same time as investing in IT systems to support future ambitions

NTT Security partners with Europol

Link-up is part of a commitment to share strategic information with partners and law enforcement to bolster threat intelligence in the global fight against cyber crime

Norman evasive cryptominer conquers networks

Cryptomining malware designed to evade detection is capable of invading every device in targeted companies, researchers warn

Cyber criminal collaboration intensifies

The level of cooperation between high-profile cyber threat groups has shifted up a gear, enabling a higher level of automation and making attribution more difficult, research shows

Fusion announces improvements to FusionWorks Pro UC

Fusion delivered enhancements to its UCaaS platform, FusionWorks Pro UC, developed on the company's Single Source cloud services platform.

GDPR faces growing pains across Europe

The General Data Protection Regulation is over a year old now, but it faces challenges across Europe where compliance has taken place at different speeds

DCMS funding aims to increase diversity in cyber sector

A funding round has been announced as part of the Cyber Skills Immediate Impact Fund (CSIIF) with aims of encouraging more diverse talent into the UK’s cyber security sector

Publicly accessible biometric database highlights key failings

The discovery of a publicly accessible database of biometric information highlights failings by the supplier, the need for supply chain security, and the challenges of using biometric data

CloudBees CEO reveals plans for CI/CD tools, Google project

CloudBees CEO Sacha Labourey puts his roadmap cards on the table for the next generation of the company's CI/CD tools and an upcoming project to co-develop CI/CD for Anthos with Google.

Rubrik adds data governance tool in Andes 5.1 update

With capabilities providing data governance, automated disaster recovery failover and failback and continuous data protection, Rubrik Andes 5.1 seeks to consolidate tools and silos.

Domo management expansion signals strategic shift

Five months after it stated it would be pursuing strategic partnerships, Domo appears to be making a move toward implementing that strategy with the hiring of three new executives.

Formjacking dominates web-related data breaches

Formjacking has become one of the most popular data stealing methods, say researchers, who urge commercial websites to review all third-party coding practices without delay

Most UK financial firms hit by cyber attack in the past year

The majority of UK financial companies are failing to prevent cyber security incidents, mainly because of employees failing to follow security policies and a lack of security budget, a survey reveals

Dutch province pioneers no-code platform

Software development platform removes the need for expert programmers when adding functionality to applications

2019 set to be another record year for data breaches

The number of data breach incidents continues to rise and looks set to reach another record this year, with the business sector first in the firing line, according to a mid-year breach report

NVMe flash hot; Optane, SCM still warming up

The world of fast flash storage evolves slowly; NVMe has emerged, but other types of SCM and persistent memory still have a ways to go before appearing in the data center.

S/4HANA migration concerns lead SAP 2019 stories so far

Industry observers believe that if SAP is to remain competitive, S/4HANA migrations need to pick up, and new leadership needs to convince customers of the intelligent enterprise's value.

IBM, Google report advances in conversational AI training

As enterprises rely more on conversational agents to power customer service efforts, tech vendors such as IBM and Google steadily develop new methods of training language models.

Report: Slack, Zoom growing among Office 365 customers

A report by the security software vendor Okta found that many businesses subscribed to Office 365 also use Slack and Zoom, despite having access to Microsoft Teams.

Australia needs to get digital identity right

A top Ping Identity executive urges Australia to put more focus on digital identity management following the government’s efforts to lay the groundwork for an open banking regime

Jenkins X gears up for SaaS version, GitOps standards

With key maturity milestones behind them, the maintainers of Jenkins X prepare a SaaS version, and plan to collaborate with Google's Tekton and Netflix's Spinnaker.

NHS readies data-driven health checks

The government takes another step towards ramping up use of data-driven technologies in the public health system, with expected benefits including reduced pressure on public resources

ICO to probe facial recognition at King’s Cross

UK privacy watchdog is to investigate whether the use of live facial recognition technology at King’s Cross complies with data protection laws

London Stock Exchange glitch delays trading

The London Stock Exchange suffered a 90-minute technical outage which prevented early trading in major stocks

New approach to risk management needed, says Gartner

Most third-party risks are discovered after the initial due diligence period, Gartner study shows, highlighting the need for a new approach to risk management and the importance of effective access controls

Passwordless enterprise already possible, says RSA

The passwordless enterprise is getting easier to attain as the security industry gears up to support a passwordless future, says RSA’s identity chief

NetApp Flash customers have started to tap the brakes

NetApp flash storage revenue takes a nosedive amid fears of global slowdown, U.S. tariffs and civil unrest across Europe. Is it a symptom of a looming problem for vendors?

Actifio GO 'SaaSifies' copy data management in GCP

The new Actifio GO for GCP has expanded from backup as a service to include copy data management and disaster recovery, putting it on par with the vendor's on-premises product.

IT pros contend with the future of continuous delivery

Continuous delivery tools are poised to add comprehensive breadth and analytical depth, but whether most enterprises can assimilate them is another matter.

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