TechTarget News - Week of Jan 08, 2023

How to identify a strategic technology platform

A strategic platform has to be broad enough to support a range of business functions while being open, extensible and modular at the same time, according to Forrester

Edge computing key for rapid Industry 4.0 adoption

As edge computing is set to disrupt many sectors in the Industry 4.0 era, study finds edge computing holds a promise to dramatically improve data processing for mission-critical applications and accelerate uptake

Channel roundup: Who's gone where?

A fresh year starts in familiar fashion with a set of staff moves across the industry

Qualcomm enters space race with Snapdragon Satellite

Mobile platform giant teams with satellite operator to claim world’s first satellite-based service, providing global coverage from pole to pole

AI platform helps medical company screen babies' eyes

Startup Iris Technology unveils its new platform for 200 users. Medical AI company Pr3vent uses the platform to train its AI model and remove bias from its model.

Qlik acquisition of Talend adds data fabric capabilities

Through its latest purchase, the longtime analytics vendor adds data fabric and self-service data pipeline development capabilities to its existing suite of data integration tools.

AI risks shadow software development security trend

The rise of AI-assisted workflows will facilitate software development security amid growing open source vulnerabilities, but comes with the threat of AI-generated attacks.

Launch window opens for UK’s first orbital mission

All systems go for first space mission in UK as project partners announce the official opening of the Start Me Up launch window

TD Synnex and Arrow bolster security options

Distributors TD Synnex and Arrow actively increasing support and vendor options for channel cyber security specialists

How to find winning artificial intelligence use cases

Choosing use cases for artificial intelligence requires organisations to take a hard look at business value, risk, data and other capabilities required to realise the technology’s full potential

Tech firms failing to address forced labour in supply chains

Subpar due diligence processes in the tech sector – including poor purchasing practices, sparsely implemented collective bargaining coverage, and a lack of redress for workers – is leaving supply chain workers open to abuse, says KnowTheChain

New year, new partner go-to-market strategy

The partner ecosystem continues to evolve as companies deal with emerging technologies and business models. Here's what SoftwareOne, Johnson Controls and IBM are pursuing.

Juniper Networks and NEC charge up Wi-Fi user experience for Powerco

Leading global IT and network transformation services provider and AI-driven networks selected by leading New Zealand gas and electricity distributor to design and deploy new Wi-Fi network infrastructure across nationwide sites

BitSight, Schneider Electric partner to quantify OT risk

The new partnership aims to provide organizations with increased visibility and risk detection capabilities for operational technology environments and critical infrastructure.

Nvidia, Intel team up on energy efficient AI server

Nvidia and Intel go from competitors to partners by jointly developing a system designed to push heavy AI workloads and offer users significant energy savings.

New APT group targets ASEAN governments and militaries

The Dark Pink advanced persistent threat group used custom malware to exfiltrate data from high-profile targets through spear-phishing emails last year, according to Group-IB

Microsoft fixes EoP zero-day on January Patch Tuesday

On the first Patch Tuesday of 2023, Microsoft fixed an elevation of privilege vulnerability in Windows Advanced Local Procedure Call, which has been actively exploited in the wild and may be co-opted into ransomware campaigns

Internet shutdowns cost global economy $24bn in 2022

Deliberate disruption of people’s access to the internet by governments is having a substantial economic impact and contributing to a range of human rights abuses, primarily against protestors

eSIM market to be worth over $4bn globally by end of 2023

2023 set to be the year of embedded subscriber identity module as Google and Samsung look likely to emulate rival Apple, leading to a drastic increase in the number of smartphones with eSIM connectivity

Sisense unveils integration with ChatGPT

The analytics vendor designed a new UI that enables customers to engage with the chatbot and use its capabilities to dramatically speed data preparation and enhance data analysis.

SMEs eye moving business to challenger bank

Known for their consumer banking success, challenger banks are now winning over hearts and minds in the small business sector

Royal Mail services hit by major cyber attack

UK postal service Royal Mail is asking customers not to send any overseas letters or parcels while it deals with the impact of an ongoing cyber attack

Mid-market customers evaluating cloud options

Research from MSP Node4 has indicated that users are starting to question their strategy in the face of inflationary pressures and budget limitations

Amazon S3 now encrypts data by default

AWS has changed a setting for new Amazon S3 buckets to encrypt data by default, a move that increases data protection and places more emphasis on customer security.

Vulnerable software, low incident reporting raises risks

Beneath the buzz around tech innovations at CES were discussions about cybersecurity and how to prevent the next generation of tech from being just as vulnerable as the last.

How Indian banks can drive automation in corporate banking

Banks should prioritise their processes for automation based on the level of human intervention, understand their processes thoroughly and put employees at the centre of their automation efforts

Guardian confirms Christmas 2022 cyber attack was ransomware

Guardian Media Group bosses confirm the 20 December cyber attack that left staff locked out of its London office and disrupted several key systems was an untargeted ransomware attack

Cloudflare completes SASE offer with Magic WAN Connector

Software-defined wide-area network functionality released by online application acceleration and infrastructure provider Cloudflare to complete single-supplier secure access service edge offering

UK net neutrality regulation failing all stakeholders

Leading analyst releases study showing net neutrality regulation is failing consumers, innovators and investors, calling for evidence-based broadband policy

UK government completes trials of age estimation technology

Government-led trials of age estimation and verification technologies for the sale of alcohol in nightlife venues and supermarkets have been completed, with both government and retail lobbyists pushing for legislation that would allow retailers to adopt the tools for alcohol sales

Micron's 9400 U.3 SSD aimed at AI, ML workloads

Micron has expanded its NVMe SSD portfolio with the 9400 U.3, a TLC drive designed to provide high-performance storage for high-performance use cases.

Nvidia intros new workflows to stem retail theft

Retailers such as Target and Rite Aid have reported huge losses due to theft. Computer vision and image recognition tools can help identify and track products.

Updates to GitHub Actions add efficiency, risk of friction

GitHub Actions required workflows and configuration variables can reduce duplicate configuration code and shore up policy compliance but may add to developer frustration.

Startup's eBPF APM tools turn up heat on Datadog

Lemonade plans to put tools from eBPF startup Groundcover in production this year in a bid to reduce instrumentation work and other overhead for its small DevOps team.

Republicans prioritize curbing federal remote work

Now that they control the U.S. House, Republicans may try to either restrict or end federal remote work, which they see as impediment to government service delivery.

Slowing PC sales spark lower prices

PC prices are dropping as manufacturers lower prices to move inventory. Market saturation following the pandemic is a significant factor in the drop in sales.

AWS opens first Australian Local Zone in Perth

AWS’s first Local Zone in Australia will bring low-latency performance to companies such as Woodside Energy and Nearmaps

BBC assures UK Parliament that digital transformation plans are on track

UK Parliamentary accounts watchdog probes British Broadcasting Corporation senior management regarding plans to reconstruct organisation to be fit for purpose in modern media industry and satisfy multiplatform needs of licence fee payers

Unionised contract workers who train Google’s AI win pay rise

Google contract workers employed at artificial intelligence training supplier RaterLabs have secured their first-ever pay rise, following collective demands that Google fulfil its own commitment to pay its extended workforce a minimum of $15 an hour

Cabinet Office looks to expand public data sharing for digital ID

Cabinet Office seeks feedback on proposed legislation to enhance data sharing across the public sector, in support of the UK government’s ambition to have a single sign-on identity-check system for all public services

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