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AWS CodeStar is a planning and management service designed for a team of developers working on a project in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) public cloud.

AWS CodeStar can help a development team configure and manage DevOps processes like continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD), leading to faster app deployment times and fewer human errors. For CI and CD projects, CodeStar provides a central hub to monitor the progress of code builds, commits, tests and deployments through its integration with AWS-native DevOps tools, such as AWS CodeCommit, CodePipeline, CodeBuild and CodeDeploy. This information is displayed in a central CodeStar dashboard, which saves developers time compared to having to switch from one service console to another.

A developer uses the CodeStar interface to manage day-to-day software development processes and project group members. For example, a developer can manage access to CodeStar projects via role-based policies that adhere to AWS identity and access management best practices. This team management functionality removes the need to manually configure policies for services.

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With AWS CodeStar, a developer can select between several resource templates that automatically provision services, such as Elastic Compute Cloud, Lambda and Elastic Beanstalk, on which an application can run. CodeStar also provides project templates to help developers build, for example, websites, web apps or Alexa skills. Each project template includes code to get started in the group's preferred programming language, such as JavaScript, Ruby and Python. The developer chooses the source code repository -- either GitHub or CodeCommit -- and a development environment for the group.

AWS CodeStar only works for new software development projects, not an existing AWS application. AWS does not charge for CodeStar -- developers only pay for their use of underlying compute, storage and other resources or services.

In addition to a number of AWS-native tools, CodeStar integrates with the third-party Atlassian JIRA software to track and manage project issues in the dashboard. AWS plans to build out an integration program for more third-party vendors in its AWS Partner Network.

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