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The only thing certain for the future of the CIO role is change

You may have avoided bad mojo on this Friday the 13th by eschewing black cats, mirrors and ladders; but sorry to say, this week’s roundup just couldn’t help being the bearer of bad news. From big layoffs in the tech industry to big questions about the future of the CIO role, we’re feeling a little like Debbie Downer.  Take heart, however: At least you’re not those guys who’ll be on overnight server-sitting duty at the Olympics.

Two weeks in a row of less than savory Apple news? First it was the Mac Trojan, now it’s an antitrust lawsuit over e-books. Never fear, friends of Steve; top Silicon Valley attorney Gary Reback opines on why this won’t take the shine off Apple, and what the case means for the tech industry as a whole.

Identity crisis, part one: Yahoo scrambles to search for its place among Web users. First step? Cutting 2,000 jobs.

Identity crisis part two:  Sony confirms it will put 10,000 jobs on the chopping block around its One Sony reorganization plan.  Anyone see a pattern?

Tired of hearing the future of the CIO role called into question? So is blogger Andi Mann, who this week offers up Survivor: CIO Edition.  

And speaking of the ever-shifting CIO role, Bank of America replaced its IT chief with a consumer bank executive. Our own Senior Writer Linda Tucci has an interesting take on the BofA shuffle.

For when bad things happen to good data, here are tips on finding the right words to respond to a security breach.

In this economy it’s difficult to  start a sentence with “You couldn’t pay me enough to…” but this IT job at the Olympics probably gets close.  Sweet dreams.

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