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How can you best use contact center AI?

While AI is still an evolving technology, agent assist benefits contact center employees by improving agent efficiency improve the overall customer experience.

AI has great potential for supporting contact centers, with the potential for providing customer self-service during both voice and live chat interactions.

While AI is still in its infancy, and the technology continues to evolve, contact centers can best make use of it in the form of a live chat agent assist tool.

Here are some benefits to using contact center AI as an agent assist tool:

Improve agent efficiency. When AI listens in on live chat interactions, it can interpret what is requested by the customer and perform automated inquiries into a knowledge database or CRM system to provide answers to questions that can be shared by the web chat agent.

Provide consistent information. As a result of contact center AI extracting responses from a knowledge database or CRM system, there is no need for the agent to interpret information or use their memory to provide what they believe is a correct response to a question.

Support multiple languages. AI can interpret web chat interactions across a variety of languages. As a result, there may be a reduced need for multilingual agents to communicate with customers, and knowledge databases and CRM systems do not have to support multiple languages.

Provide options to agents. In the case where there is no clear answer to a specific question, the agent assist benefits web chat agents by providing a variety of responses from which they can select the most appropriate response for the specific interaction.

Complement the human touch. When a customer is upset, contact center AI may provide an answer via self-service, but the human touch may be missing. In this instance, the benefit of agent assist enables the agent to interact with the customer and add a human touch, which may de-escalate the customer's frustration and drive loyalty.

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