SurveyAdvantage launches new customer management service

LoyaltyLoop is SurveyAdvantage's newest service. It provides businesses with a platform to collect and manage customer feedback and reviews through surveys and reviews.

SurveyAdvantage has launched LoyaltyLoop -- a customer management service for businesses to collect and manage customer feedback and reviews.

LoyaltyLoop has a support team that manages the setup, implementation and ongoing reporting process for clients. According to SurveyAdvantage, the vendor will make any necessary adjustments along the way, in addition to being available for support. It even assigned each client a dedicated support team for any questions regarding implementation.

To gather online reviews, LoyaltyLoop uses customer feedback surveys. LoyaltyLoop management software tracks the Net Promoter Score (NPS) while comparing client performance against the competition. According to LoyaltyLoop, measuring customer satisfaction levels using the NPS calculation metric allows businesses to improve sales by increasing the number of customers coming or returning to the client's brand. When a business receives a poor survey response, LoyaltyLoop notifies them right away.

Additionally, LoyaltyLoop solicits feedback from verified customers who recently transacted with a client's business. The online software platform tracks customer satisfaction levels, monitors trends and compares performance against competition. LoyaltyLoop also enables customers to post online reviews to Google, Facebook and other platforms and actively encourages customers to write them to promote a business.

LoyaltyLoop enables users to publish testimonials directly to their business's website, Facebook page and other social media sites. The testimonials come from comments provided by customers who grant the client permission during the survey. These are different than the reviews, which are always posted by the customer themselves.

Every Monday morning, LoyaltyLoop provides an email summary of the past week's results. It will list the number of survey responses, breaking it down by how many would be very likely to recommend the business, how many people would likely recommend it and how many people are unlikely to recommend it. It also provides other stats such as number of leads, referrals, testimonials, review clicks, response rate and undeliverable email messages.

LoyaltyLoop is available now. The basic costs $69 per month with a $200 one-time setup fee, the promoter costs $99 per month with a $300 setup fee, and the enterprise requires a phone call for pricing.

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