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Oracle Sales Cloud update aims to boost sales, efficiency

Oracle updates its Sales Cloud to increase sales; Infer announces new lead gen product; and Xactly Strategic Services aims to drive workforce management.

Oracle updates Sales Cloud

Oracle announced significant updates to the Oracle Sales Cloud. Part of Oracle Applications Cloud Release 10, the latest release of Oracle Sales Cloud aims to help companies boost sales and efficiencies by streamlining user experience for enhanced analytics, partner relationship management and industry-specific services.  

A modern, interactive dashboard includes new pre-built reports and improved data visualization that provides sales teams with insights and analysis in real time. In addition, sales professionals can take advantage of Oracle's new Mobile App Designer tool to create intuitive reports and dashboards with drag-and-drop capabilities on mobile devices. The Oracle Sales Cloud also enables partners and sales teams to communicate securely in the Oracle Social Network.

Infer announces lead gen product

Infer Inc., a predictive lead scoring and analytics provider based in Palo Alto, Calif., announced Net-New Leads, which hopes to boost lead generation practices for sales and marketing teams. Infer is partnering with data providers, such as InsideView Technologies Inc., on the new product, aiming to use personalized predictive models to identify the leads that fit best with users and provide a list of new accounts that are most likely to buy.

Net-New Leads depends on Infer's predictive models to identify only the accounts and contacts likely to convert and import those directly into the user's CRM system, looking to save users' time and money by dumping bad leads at the outset of the process. Companies can also purchase leads directly from Infer and pay only for the accounts they want rather than manually scoring lead lists. Net-New Leads works with any data provider, Infer said.

Xactly Strategic Services aims to drive workforce engagement

Xactly Corp., a cloud-based sales performance management software provider based in San Jose, Calif., announced the release of Xactly Strategic Services, a new product designed to optimize sales compensation initiatives. Combining research, big data intelligence and ongoing support, users can design and manage programs meant to improve incentive compensation initiatives for sales teams.

Users can measure the success of their programs by auditing current compensation initiatives, as well as defining program and process goals, in order to drive sales performance. Strategic Services' big data and advanced analytics capabilities enable users to create best practice plans, monitor performance and ensure that the results are aligned with the company's goals. Users can also compare their initiatives with current compensation data within their particular industry to better understand and design programs based on best practices.

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